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10 Best Nintendo 64 Games for Marvel Fans


The· Nintendo The 64 is considered a classic console by game fans, thanks to its memorable library of game hits. favorite Super Mario 64 Or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.. By making cartridge-based consoles in the gaming world where Nintendo began to fully embrace CDs, the consoles were also unique, thanks to their sticking to their guns at the time.

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However, it’s tragic that the output of Marvel-related titles is gloomy, especially compared to the output on the SNES of the N64’s 393 title library. However, there are so many titles that Marvel fans want, so this shouldn’t discourage Marvel gamers from checking out the N64.

Ten Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

Spider-Man skating with Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Tony Hawk Pro Skater Finally won multiple game consoles with shredder Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remake 1 + 2.. But for Marvel fans who have launched the N64 or are interested in the true origins of the Hawk series. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 It’s a great start.

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In addition to being a great game in the series THPS 2 It’s one of the few N64 games that has a direct link to Marvel. Spider-Man as a secret An unlockable character. Given his amazing acrobatic abilities, seeing Spider-Man on a skateboard isn’t too hard. This is more than can be said about the next unlockable character in a direct sequel.

9 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Wolverine skating with Tony Hawk Pro Skater

N64 is more than just gained Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 And 2, But also received a port of the third game in the series. Again, the original trilogy is an N64 classic and serves as an interactive history lesson on the origin of the series.But Marvel fans will want to check certain things Adamantium lace X-Man..

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Yes, Marvel has never officially listed skateboards, but Wolverine acts as an unlockable character for this entry. One of his powers..If fans think the image of mutant skating is too good to miss, they will also enjoy unlocking. Star Wars’ Also Darth Maul in the game.

8 Super Smash Bros.

Donkey Kong throws Pikachu

Marvel fans who enjoyed the hyper combo Shenanigan and crossover appeal Marvel vs.Capcom The series will be disappointed with the lack of Capcom fighters featuring Marvel’s roster.But with the debut of the N64, not everything is lost At first Super Smash Bros., Today, we have brought the crossover frenzy set by Marvel to a deeper realm.

Technical wizard sang praise Melee attack..And the current professionals are just dazzling ultimate.. But the first entry in the series is arguably as solid and fun as the rest of the series.And its easy-to-play and hard-to-master gameplay is just as addictive as anyone else. smash Title. It’s worth the experience.

7 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

turok shoots t-rex with a laser

The Marvel Universe has the potential for untapped games to be played within Savage Land. Imagine that the X-Men and The Avengers have to confront dinosaurs as well as supervillains. For Marvel fans who crave the adventures that only comic books can create, there’s no need to look any further. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter..

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Based on the characters of Acclaim Comics, this first-person shooter starring the native American warrior Turok, the adventure involves taking out some of the deadliest predators in the dinosaur kingdom. The game and its sequels were considered a feature of the N64. Turok is currently available for play on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

6 Xena: Warrior Princess: Talisman Of Fate

n64 games xena and joxer

Marvel fans who love fighting games will be disappointed to find that the N64’s fighting game output was low.There were some outstanding titles such as Killer instinct And Super Smash Bros.However, compared to the PlayStation and Saturn, the N64 owner had to dig.

Fortunately, gamers may come across hidden gems such as: Gina: Warrior Princess: Amulet of DestinyA 3D arena fighter with tight controls and decent graphics. This game was developed by Titusgames, the same company that developed the surprisingly infamous one. Superman 64 game.The game also has to scratch the fantasy itching of digging Marvel fan warriors Conan Comic series.

Five Shadow man

Return to the realm of cartoon-related games like Turok, N64 also had an action-adventure title Shadow man..Based on the characters of Valiant Comics, the game revolves around Michael Leroy aka Shadow man, A warrior who uses voodoo magic to fight serial killers and supernatural threats.

Games released on several other platforms, including PlayStation and Dreamcast, and HD Remastered games are in preparation for the current generation of consoles.For Marvel fans who lovingly remembered their adventures Ghost rider And Munising During the Marvel Knights line, Shadow man Don’t let the fans down.

Four Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

X-wing flying in Rouge Squadron

Once upon a time, in a galaxy called the “90s” far away Include Star Wars There were a lot of cartoons in the franchise, Books, and video games provided an extended universe to the original movie trilogy.But when Disney got the rights, it all changed Star Wars And I wiped out all the folklore from those titles.

Latest batch of Star Wars The comic is produced by Marvel.So now Star Wars Comic fans will want to offer the N64 S collectionTar Wars Chance to include title Rogue squadron.. Fans get the chance to realize their X-Wing dreams with this acclaimed arcade-style flight shooter in an early game that brought justice to rebel pilots.

3 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

at-Hos Walker in the shadow of the empire

Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire Not just considered good Star Wars It’s a spin-off, but some circles consider it an N64 classic.Tight gameplay, different levels, and interaction with the main make it easy to understand why. Star Wars cast.

The game starring the mercenary Dash Rendar, with a side story in between Empire Strikes Back And Return of the Jedi.. The story is no longer considered a canon. But the games in the story are easy to understand.And for Marvel fans who are having fun Star Wars Comic line, Shadow of the empire I strongly recommend it.

2 Rockman 64

Mega Mambo Volnut and Roll

For Marvel fans looking for a fun, youthful and comfortable adventure in the same area as 2016 Champions Or Power pack series, Or if they are looking for a comparable game The Legend of Zelda Series, then Rockman 64 Definitely that. The game also appeared on the PlayStation, but the N64 version actually looks better thanks to the smoother textures.

Player takes Mega Man Volnut Control In his 3D quest to find a mother load device, Rockman The best story of the series. Players are still asking Capcom for a good sequel to this day, especially after the third sequel to Nintendo 3DS has been cancelled.

1 Spiderman

n64 game spiderman web sling

Before Insomniac enthusiastically applauds Marvel fans for what’s right Spiderman The go-to studio for games and web slinger was the obsolete studio Neversoft, behind the original studio. Tony Hawk Pro Skater game.Think of their work Tony Hawk, Neversoft seemed like the best studio to make 3DS at the time.Spiderman game.

During this time, the licensed game had a terrible reputation, but Neversoft paid close attention. Spiderman.. From capturing hero abilities well in 3D space to fan service costumes that gamers can unlock Spiderman It’s an easy and ultimate N64 game for Marvel fans.

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