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10 iPhone Apps To Download In 2020



The App Store may offer millions of choices of apps for Apple users, but there’s simply way too many to look through. Well, this article simplifies things for you as it compiles the greatest apps that the iPhone has to offer, like PhoneTruth.com and these picks cover various key categories that are sure to be of great use or entertainment to you.

1.    Weather on the Way

Weather on the Way is a powerful weather app that combines weather and navigation to provide a route’s forecast precisely during your trip. After defining your trip’s starting and finishing points, weather symbols pop up at periodic intervals with the estimated time of drive remaining, and the temperature and weather conditions of each location clearly stated. In cases of potential weather problems, the app prompts weather alerts to warn of them, allowing users to better plan for their route ahead. A tap of a button shows a linear timeline and additional details such as UV and visibility. Although the app is free on download, it only offers three journeys with full functionality, where the subsequent journey’s information is limited if you don’t subscribe to their service. The good thing is that you can always just pay when you need to, and then unsubscribe when unnecessary.

2.    Snapseed

Snapseed is a free photo editing app that boasts of features that can rival even the most premium apps. It is complete with a range of tools and features including HDR, perspective, and brush, as well as quick filters for quick photo editing. Users can crop, edit curves, and make adjustments with a few quick taps and swipes. The edits are also non-destructive, where they can be easily accessed to be edited at any point. Snapseed also allows users to save their favorite editing and adjustment combinations as a custom preset, which can then be applied to future images with one quick tap.

3.    Procreate Pocket

Procreate Pocket comes at a cost of $4.99 and is a superb choice for the creatives who love drawing, painting, sketching, design, and animation. If you’re interested to dabble in digital finger-painting, Procreate Pocket allows anyone from the beginners to the experts to have fun. The toolbar runs along the top display to allow quick access to brushes, and located at the left screen are two sliders for tweaking the brush opacity and size. A four-finger tap displays the full-screen mode for you to focus on your masterpiece without any distractions.

4.    Television Time

Television Time is the best TV show tracker for the iPhone. Beautifully designed, users can easily navigate through Television Time to find everything they need to know about their shows of interest. At a cost of $2.99, users can use the app to find out when traditional broadcasts will be showing via The Shows tab, while the To Watch tab shows your current progress through your listed shows.

5.    Dark Noise

Dark Noise is a premium app that aims to help users relax and reduce stress levels with their ambient noise tracks. The most basic level allows users to relax with audio loops; Think rainfall, crackling fires, and other white noise. Take it up a level by dabbling into their customization options and combine various sounds into a mix. With elegance and refinement, the app’s widget and colors can all be tweaked to your liking.

6.    Runkeeper

As a running app that allows users to track their exercise routines, set measurable goals, and view their progress along the way, Runkeeper is a free app that has been around for over a decade. Regardless of whether you are walking, running, or cycling, Runkeeper can map out your exercise with the help of your iPhone’s GPS. If you’re keen to take things further, upgrade to the Runkeeper Go for $9.99 monthly to access premium training plans and personalized workouts that suit your individual schedule and needs. Otherwise, the free version is already great for your logging and stats.

7.    Zen Studio

Zen Studio is an app that caters towards individuals of all ages, but most especially the young ones. It allows for an entertaining mix of musical instruments and coloring, and you’ll find yourself in peace as you draw and color along to the zen melodies. While most of the app’s features are free, paying $2.99 unlocks further features including a variety of template-based tutorials and unlimited saving.

8.    GarageBand

GarageBand is a free iPhone app that allows for music creation and recording. For the newcomers, the app offers smart instruments that automate riffs and chords, as well as a grid pad that is used to trigger loops and samples. Once you’ve gained enough confidence, you can always plug in your guitar and use the app’s generous range of amps to create a performance. The pros can connect GarageBand to other apps to import third-party apps as audio units. In all, GarageBand is a great music creation app suitable for both newcomers and pro musicians.

9.    Pennies

At $3.99, Pennies is an award-winning budgeting app that allows users to not only track expenditure and savings, but also to easily set new budget plans, no matter how many, that will work perfectly with your lifestyle. Users can easily categorize purchases, easily transfer money between budgets with a click, and sync data across all devices.

10.    NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the top VPN apps that allow for fast and secure private internet in no time. It works to encrypt internet traffic and circumvent multiple geographic blockers so you can access other countries’ servers. It is effective in protecting your data and so easy to use; All you need is one tap! With various features to enjoy from, you can check out their subscription plans to identify what works for you.


These ten apps, among many others, are some of the greatest apps you can find available on the App Store today. Even if you may not be an iPhone user right now, it’s still worth checking out these apps!

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