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10 Star Wars Moments Described in Video Games

10 Star Wars Moments Described in Video Games

Because Star Wars is a very dense, detailed universe, the film can really only scratch the surface of all the lore fragments that must be provided. So, for decades, the film had to leave a lot of questions to fans and instead be answered by broad folklore.

Most of these answers have usually been provided by novels and reference books released over the years, but many great Star Wars video games are very much for fans who want to expand their knowledge. It is also a valuable resource.

Some of Star Wars’ most fascinating and mysterious moments are at least partially explained by video games. Sadly, not all of these games are yet strictly orthodox, but in most cases their claim is existing continuity.

These video games helped embody what couldn’t be included in a single two-hour movie, from providing important connective tissue between films to expanding important character relationships.

Basically, stay asleep in Star Wars games to get a deeper understanding of George Lucas’ amazingly rich world. I’m obviously missing it …