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13 impacts that 5G has already had on the lives of companies and consumers


From use in agriculture to the increasing spread of video and artificial intelligence, 13 ways 5G is already changing our lives.

The potential of 5G goes far beyond simply increasing the performance and reliability of mobile connections. According to experts, 5G has the potential to completely revolutionize the way we live and work. The big changes are already visible in the world of entertainment, connectivity, big data and much more a group of experts interviewed by Forbes.

one. Improve remote work

Covid-19 has changed our world, which means that in many cases we can work remotely anywhere. Thanks to 5G, today people will be able to think about living where they see fit, relying on very high-speed connections. The full potential of 5G for work and our quality of life is not yet fully understood, but it is a change that risks being completely radical.

2. Increase Edge Computing

5G brings better edge computing performance by enhancing existing cloud infrastructure. This helps companies that specialize in all types of transactions (such as fintech, mobile banking, and commercial applications) or that need real-time interactions (such as online gaming, live sports, and robotic surgery) to use latencies of less than 10 ms and create new user experiences that were not possible in the past.

3. Enables immersive brand experiences

In a post-pandemic world, retailers are looking for new ways to engage consumers. 5G enables immersive and interactive experiences in the corporate brand, with high-resolution video, 3D, 360-degree experiences, and augmented reality. Furthermore, as advertising moves from the target level to the user, the high level of user engagement made possible by 5G creative content will be essential.

Four. Support for sustainable and efficient agriculture

5G is already driving change and efficiency in hundreds of sectors, including agriculture. The introduction of 5G technologies in the agricultural sector has resulted in an increase in data acquisition at an exponential rate. This means that growers can access valuable information at the field level in near real time, helping them increase sustainability and efficiency and ultimately increase profits.

5. Improve application performance

5G already provides substantial improvements to the predictability of application enhancements. This means more reliability and less data loss for consumers using commercial applications. As bandwidth increases, so does the quality and quantity of content. Without the predictability of 5G progress, developers would not be able to operate at the edge of the network or reliably deliver this bandwidth to consumers.

6. Provide real-time evaluations of product and process performance.

Data is the new oil and 5G technology makes it available to the masses. The opportunities to collect data are endless. Our ability to deliver massive amounts of data with low latency and close to 100% uptime allows us to obtain real-time information on product and process performance. Trending baseline data lays the foundation that leads to predictive results and, ultimately, artificial intelligence.

7. Reliable connection of IoT devices

5G offers higher bandwidth, making it more reliable and accurate for connecting multiple Internet of Things devices, including cars, home appliances, robots, and sensors. 5G technology has also improved connectivity for those companies that rely on the cellular network. It has brought these companies closer to the millions of consumers who use 5G-enabled devices.

8. Duplication of experiences in situ

5G brings parity with local networks, not in terms of raw speeds, but in terms of usability. A 5G experience is only as good as a local network. In many cases, 5G far outperforms public Wi-Fi access points in bars and restaurants and provides one less network hop (for example, to a restaurant router), improving security and reducing the risk of human attacks .

9. Enable new automation and artificial intelligence technologies

Although 5G is limited now compared to what it will be able to do in the future, it has already had a major impact on the business world through the influx of new automation and artificial intelligence technologies. The lower latency and faster speeds that 5G offers will be hard for businesses to ignore. When it comes to future proofing and modernizing businesses, automation and artificial intelligence are key ingredients.

10. Spread the use of videos

5G is already having an impact on media consumption. We will see more and more people watching video content on the go, thanks to the ultra-fast load times that 5G offers. This trend has an impact on both consumers and businesses. It offers consumers a new way to interact with businesses online and offers businesses new ways to create highly engaging content.

11. Fuel interactive fan experiences

With the reopening of sports facilities, 5G and OCT are driving stronger connectivity options for more intense experiences for fans. Stadium operators are recognizing the capabilities of 5G, leading many stadiums, like SoFi in Los Angeles, to have a technology-centric infrastructure. Partnerships between sports leagues and 5G providers such as NBA and Verizon will grow to drive interactive fan experiences.

12. Encourage investment in research and technological development.

Communications service providers and hardware, software and technology service and network providers have experienced the biggest impact from 5G. To accelerate demand, operators have invested billions in 5G infrastructure. In addition, hardware, software and service providers in the technology sector are investing in solutions to meet the future needs of new technologies such as smart cars, games and immersive entertainment and video surveillance, among others.

13. Improve rural connectivity

There is ample evidence that remote work was a surprising success during the pandemic. Part of this is due to the successful implementation of 5G, which has helped many rural and remote workers in previously poorly connected areas by providing robust 5G internet connections. The reach, low latency, and speed of 5G have allowed disconnected workers to remain productive.

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