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2020, a very good year for players - Salomé review - News

2020, a very good year for players – Salomé review – News

News within 2020, a very good year for gamers – Salomé review

The year 2020, due to its particular situation, was marked by video games for a large part of the population. By the end of the year, the editorial team, the community and Stream are giving you their video report on the dawn of the next generation of consoles.

Salomé presents 2020 as a very good year for gamers, regardless of platform or play style. Animal Crossing: New Horizons which has established itself as THE containment game and a huge hit for Nintendo. Other major productions have attracted a lot of attention, including the named game of the year. The Last of Us Part II, the feudal open world Tsushima ghost as well as the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. The independent game is not left out: hellsurprise of the new school year, it was awarded by many players for its artistic direction.

The absence of physical events in this year of transition it was scary, but according to Salomé, this the new fully digital formula has been quite positive. In fact, the format has already been adopted by Nintendo for some time now and the chosen time slot is more advantageous than shows like E3, especially for European audiences.

Despite many shortages, these new consoles have had a registration start and a good omen for the future with titles like Elden Ring, Horizon: Forbidden West or God of War: Ragnarok.

By MegaRaibolt, Script