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3 Egyptians were shot dead in the street and security moves

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Egyptian security forces managed to arrest the most dangerous suspects in Sharkia governorate, after they shot and killed 3 citizens in the street. The criminals confessed the details of their crimes.

The defendants said that the victim was accompanied by two other people, who were transferred to a farm, tied with ropes, then killed and their bodies thrown into waterways after placing them in “sacks”, where they committed this crime out of revenge.

The suspects, according to the security forces, fired at the car in which the victims were traveling with weapons in their possession, one of them received a bullet impact in the head and died. on motorcycles and fled.

Investigations revealed that there were disputes between one of the victims and a person with criminal information, so the latter agreed with 11 people to take revenge on him.

After legalizing the procedures, 8 defendants were attacked and detained, who when confronted them confessed to having attracted the victim, and when they saw the car they fired hard at him to stop him, which caused the injury of one of them, which was he was killed, they were shot and killed, the two bodies were put in sacks and thrown into a watercourse.