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3 Tricks to climb the League of Stars on Brawl Stars


It’s important to keep an eye on the patch notes too, because the brawler balance changes are all listed on that page. A significant nerf can crush a Brawler’s win rate and make you a lot less powerful over them.

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2. Choose a perfect brawler for any situation

Choose a perfect brawler based on these three factors:

  1. your team (so choose a brawler that fits the other 2 brawlers)
  2. the team you have against (choose a brawler who counts at least 1 opposing brawler)
  3. the map that you will have to play by random choice.

These three factors must be taken into consideration when choosing the Brawler you want to use in the Star League.

If the map offers more angles for cover, Brawlers with attacks beyond walls will be stronger, such as Tick or Dynamike. If the map offers wider battlefields, long-range Brawlers will be key, like Colt and Penny.

It is essential to practice with the Brawlers in each game mode before playing them in the League of the Stars, as well as to upgrade them to maximize their potential. It’s also a good idea to get a Brawler who already has a gadget equipped because if used well, it can turn the tide of a game.

3. Adapt to your team

Now the game has started and you have to win two out of three games to get the victory. When choosing a certain Brawler, you have to play with a particular style to maximize their potential. There are essentially two styles of play in Brawl Stars: aggressive or controlled.

But you also have to adapt to the style of your teammates. If you see that one of them has a higher than average level, you can focus on protection rather than choosing your one-on-one fights. If another pusha too much, don’t follow him into the fray to offer two kills instead of one.

Overall, you will acquire the right reflexes over time. But it’s also important to watch other players’ performance so you can learn from them and compare their mechanics to yours, as well as learning tips on your top Brawlers.

If you can, it’s also a good idea to record your games, like in any other discipline, to be critical of your performance and maybe notice some recurring mistakes you make. Android has a built-in video recorder with no sound, but you can also use free apps.

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