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3 video games of the week, Monster Hunter Rise, Spacebase Startopia and Outriders


In the twists and turns of video game production, Le Café du Geek selects the 3 most memorable releases of the week for you. Let’s start with Monster Hunter Rise, expanding our horizons like never before with its epic monster hunts and more. While Thomas Pesquet left for the international space station. Take control of yours in Spacebase Startopia with much more tentacle diversity to deal with. Finally, let’s stay in the future with Outriders, where your fighting skills will be put to the test.

Monster hunter rise

Back to basics for Monster Hunter, returning to the nomadic console after experiencing phenomenal success on the home console. The Switch thus gathers its second and aspiring hunters, therefore, they will be able to give it to their heart’s content. The mechanics haven’t changed much. You must prepare, choose your missions and go hunting and return your wallet full of many trophies.

The story here is really just a pretext. A catastrophe has changed the world, a good excuse to wander through a gigantic universe. To start in the search for increasingly impressive animals and monsters. There is a mechanic that you need to understand before you can fully enjoy the game, but don’t panic. Many tutorial missions are there to guide you and teach you all the important aspects of the game. Know the basics, learn to hunt with the 14 different types of weapons that really modify hunting techniques.

You can ride many animals, including the new Filoptera. An insect capable of helping you on your missions thanks to its hook and ultra-resistant silk. This further enriches the game as complex as it demands precision. If the first goals are not really very difficult, it thickens quickly. If you lack precision and timing, it won’t last long. Playing alone is already a pleasant experience. However, it is in multiplayer mode (local or online) where you will face the most gigantic, dangerous and ultimately enjoyable monsters. The bestiary preserves the wild life classics of monster hunters. In addition, there are new giant monsters, dragons and animals of more reasonable size.

Capcom even added a game mode that allows you to protect villages with defensive towers and your big arms if necessary. This anecdotal part a priori really hooked us and brings even more life to the game, giving us even more opportunities to appreciate very good quality technical work. The graphics are really very successful, sharp and benefit from very beautiful lighting effects. It remains of the Switch, we succumb more to the charm, than to the technical performance. Sometimes we can’t help but think that Capcom could have put in more effort …

Monster Hunter Rise, our review

Capcom signs here a very beautiful work, whose duration and variety make it a game that is as complete, captivating as it is profitable over time.


Monster hunter rise

Startopia space base

A good management game that is always good for organization and optimization enthusiasts. However, that doesn’t mean they are boring people, as Spacebase Startopia demonstrates. So, after years of conflict, the alien races of the universe decide to live in peace. To cement this, they now rub shoulders at Startopia stations. The opportunity to discover that living together is something very, very difficult.

The tutorial guides you through the basics; As administrator of a Startopia Base, you must take care of hosting them, providing them with meals and entertainment. Of course, do not forget that you must keep all this. Be it the cleanliness, the condition of the equipment, nothing should be neglected. It sounds simple, but once the tutorial passes, things get really complex. The inhabitants continue to enter, traffic jams are created at the level of services. The base incorporates several decks where you can ventilate many elements to precisely fluidize the life of your guests. The gameplay is quite simple, you must define an area for each dedicated space. Then you can add many decorative elements, and even security robots. There will be some moments when you will have to restore order or defend your base.

Technically, the game is pretty, it’s not great art, but it’s still cute and the animations are quite fun. In the end, the only negative point is the soundtrack and the voice of the artificial intelligence that accompanies you. She is really rude.

Spacebase Startopia, our opinion

Without reaching the domain of the best of the genre, this title endures and is very entertaining. Great depth of play and the opportunity to embark on a career as a galactic coach.

PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Spacebase Startopia – NL Import


The devastated Earth became unsuitable for human life and humanity sought refuge on the planet Enoch. Bad luck, a disaster forces the first settlers to take refuge in a cryogenic dream. They wake up 30 years later. The planet has become a perpetual battlefield and the original promised paradise is far away. This same SF scenario may not be very original, not very sought after. Unlike the world of video games, which on the contrary is very detailed. We are entitled to gigantic expanses rich in detail, truly sumptuous lights. Although sometimes they lack life.

Take advantage, because when the enemies appear the fights are fierce and really intense. Little subtlety here, you have to face the enemies directly and aggressively to get ahead. You have 8 different classes at your disposal and each one has a particular equipment and especially specific powers. The further you advance, the more experience you gain in power and you gain in increasingly powerful loot. Nothing to complain about here, Square Enix got the job done with an astronomical amount of weapons and cosmetics. Favorite, which shouldn’t be one, Outriders doesn’t offer any micro transactions. It sounds a bit strange these days, but we are faced with a full game. The publisher does not try to get extra money from us and for that alone it is more than nice. As well as the possibilities offered by trade, crafts between players …

Technically, the game is fair, without being brilliant. The work is done with seriousness and good taste. The animation is of a very good standard and the soundtrack is honorable, even if it won’t set your mood. Once the main mission is completed, the adventure continues in earnest. Thanks to End Game expeditions that transport you to even higher levels of action, combat and evolution.

Outriders, our opinion

A title that does not shine for its originality, but for its video game qualities, its rhythm and the richness of its content. The latest patches fixed the biggest bugs and glitches in the release, but it still needs some tweaking. This online title even benefits from a powerful cross platform to always have human players connected.

PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series


Monster hunter rise Outriders pc4 PS5 Startopia space base xbox one Xbox Series S xbox series x

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