#32 – Survival Games 2022: The New Advertising Genre


Episode 32 ours Playing Fields Podcast is totally dedicated to survival games. It could be one of the most popular genres right now. In addition to the representatives who have been at the top of Steam for years, other titles have already been announced. After Battle Royale, it seems that a new trend is emerging, although the genre is already several years old. title like Minecraft, ARC, 7 days to die, icarus, Valheim, terrariums, Oxide, no man’s sky and many other titles show how successful survival games are. Blizzard has also announced its own survival game, expect the exciting Nightingale and even the new Dying Light 2 to have survival elements.

But why is that? What makes the survival genre so special and why are these games so popular right now? and what does all this have to do with 7 against wild, Escape from Tarkov and the new Game Dr. Disrespect do? We talk about this in our new podcast episode, and as part of our “The Three…” format, we share our favorite survival games.

Enjoy listening!

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Recording date: February 10, 2022

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