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4 factors that improve the user experience


No matter how fun or original the mobile gaming concept is, if the user experience isn’t that great, it won’t gain momentum or gain audience.

So what is the difference between a good UX-based mobile game and an average or worse mobile game? Here’s a look at the factors that determine it, so you can take it into account if you decide to develop your interactive creativity.

The elements of the façade are easily accessible

From fast paced multiplayer shooter games to community-driven shooter Online bingo Games, the way you interact with the title of the mobile must be well optimized taking into account the limits of the platform.

Much of this will be reflected in how you would expect the user to orient their phone. Will they keep it in portrait orientation, using only one number to play, or will they keep it horizontal, giving you two numbers to play?

In most cases, accessing the UI elements closer to the bottom of the screen will be easier to access and will lead to greater overall enjoyment. It allows you to experiment with different formats and configurations, taking advantage of user testing to see if your current configuration works or needs to be adjusted.


Diplomatic use of advertisements

Many mobile games rely on advertising revenue and in-game purchases to cover development costs and long-term profit. However, while users accept a certain degree of additional marketing in the game, especially if there is no charge to download it in the first place, you must weigh this carefully to avoid putting players on hold.

One way around this is to encourage ad viewing by offering in-game rewards to those who do, such as viewing a video ad to unlock cosmetic items or XP upgrades. Another is to make sure the ads aren’t too intrusive; Filling the screen with a pop-up ad every 60 seconds is a safe way to uninstall in bulk.

Consistent controls

We’ve already talked about how interface mapping can improve the user experience in mobile games before, but another key area that needs to be addressed is the overall consistency of controls. Specifically, you want to make sure that it is intuitive enough for players to understand what is expected of them at any given moment, rather than being surprised by some vague or illogical interaction expected of them.

For example, if players need to drag and drop objects and characters on the screen, make sure the anchor point for interacting with an item on the screen is the same. Also, if double-clicking an object is assigned a specific interaction in a specific context, apply the same double-click logic in other scenarios as well, to avoid confusion and frustration when players engage in the game.

When in doubt, it is often useful to follow the same design patterns that are used in many games of the same genre, at least in terms of controls. This will instill your game with instant privacy, rather than making interaction difficult.

Learning curve that can be achieved

Difficulty in games FrequentlyAnd it’s definitely a closely related concern when it comes to mobile gaming, which should be available enough that casual audiences aren’t isolated.

Providing tutorials to attract new players and make sure the mechanics are explained accurately is a good place to start, but like all UX elements, it’s ultimately about testing to determine if adjustments are necessary.

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