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4 Ways to Adapt the Handforth Parish Council to Video Games


If for some reason you don’t know about the Handforth Parish Council yet, being someone who speeds you up brings me great joy. The story is this: In the English county of Cheshire, there is a place called Handforth, the governing body of that region has become completely ferocious. A man named Brian is doing his best to be promoted to tyrant status in this village of 6,000 and seems to have chosen to pursue this ambition from his seat as chairman of the parish council.

It’s amazing to remember that this YouTube upload meeting from last month isn’t scripted, as the whole story unfolds so elegantly. Everything in human life is here: there is a roar, there is an exile, there is a ardent paraphrase of Gandalf, and there is a little bit of a person losing his heart and roaring.We are trying to create a team that will meet you idiotsTo someone outside the camera. There are also accidental opening credits. If you haven’t seen it yet, drop it all out. Then I will tell you how to adapt this wonderful story to the world of video games.

(The above is an edited highlight reel, but an hour 1 bit long video is available Here, And it is from here that I procured the following images. )

Revival of Obra Dinn-style puzzle-solving game

At the beginning of the Handforth Parish Council meeting video, we don’t know exactly what happened. People are just very angry about it. The plot is provided in a perfect retrospective package with 80 minutes of footage, but what’s amazing is that many of the clues turned out to be hidden in the dark. The text in Brian’s webcam footage identifies him as the clerk of the parish council, so it may seem unobtrusive at first, but it turns out to be extremely important. It all feels like a great feed for mystery games, and even the protagonist burned in the form of Jackie Weaver, a council outsider sent there to reach the bottom of the turmoil. It seems she also needs to be a player character, as she has become Brian’s main enemy in the video and is widely considered the “hero” of the story.

For some reason, our hero, Jackie Weaver, needs to use his full name as if all his opponents had a single name.

Part of Crusader Kings 3 DLC

After watching the Handforth Parish Council video, it feels like watching the Crusader Kings 3 game play in real time. In fact, the events depicted are more meaningful in the context of the game than in real life-Brian’s monumental thirst for power and his completely brave ruthlessness trying to hold it. Seems to be suitable for continent-shaking scales of the Holy Roman Empire than they do to the subcommittees of the city council. In fact, Brian’s action makes much more sense, imagining that he’s controlled by a CK3 player. I enjoy the classic play style of “find and execute the lowest possible character”. Take your life To raise the rank of power. “

Handforth Parish Council King 34.jpg
This is John Smith, a mediocre soul who acts as a soldier on behalf of the conference chair after Jackie expels the increasingly furious Brian. I quietly respect John Smith.

Ace Attorney-style court game.

One of HPC’s most memorable supporting characters: Endgame is a self-employed lawyer and private detective Aled Brewerton who acts as Brian’s main acolyte in developing conflicts. He is reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings Grimaworm tongue with his enthusiastic support for Brian / Salman. One of the greatest moments at the meeting is probably when he begins to bark about the subpoena for reasons that make sense only in his own context. Mind. I haven’t actually played Ace Attorney games, but I understand that it can be summarized in shouting the word “objection” in a way that roughly corresponds to real court practice. This seems like an Aledian.

Handforth Parish Council King 33.jpg
The Aled displayed on the left side of this image only appears on the edge of the screen. It’s like some kind of entity that haunts the boundary space. Like all the great movie monsters, he is heard more often than he sees. Whenever a meeting switches to his webcam, he’s approaching the camera like a Brachiosaurus, so he’s often staring at the Laughing Man’s syropic vastness.

Arcade 1v1 fighting game

No other game genre is as direct a summary of the essence of personal human conflict as the good old arcade fighting games. I’m having a hard time figuring out why this format isn’t suitable for the Handforth Parish Council Cinematic Universe. .. A roster of at least 8 characters is required to give players diversity. This is provided by HPC. Especially if you become a super fan and start watching old episodes of the meeting, as I did with my partner. Of course, there are Jackie, Brian and Aled. Then you’re sitting on Aled’s couch, with an incredibly sinister man laughing like a demon who just ate the entire church congregation, and a pointed beard and guitar hanging behind him. I have a faint witch man. Finish the roster with a cupboard full of paintings, a brief mayor Barry, a lonely and stubborn Shin, and John Smith’s stoic figure. Then you will have one stew.

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