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4 weeks of free games

4 weeks of free games

MGA sales on the Epic Games Store are back for four weeks of free games, exclusive PC deals, Epic coupons, and huge game discounts! These sales start today and end on June 17, if you want to know everything.

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As you have probably already seen, otherwise it is the same very good news for you, NBA 2K21 is the first of the titles “offered” to start the rjoppowers, since it can be played for free until May 27, 2021 5 p.m., when The Vault will reveal the next free game. (Be on the lookout every Thursday so you don’t miss any announcements.)

The good epic, the return

And as if that wasn’t enough, Epic Bons is back too. In fact, players will get an epic € 10 voucher for the purchase of a complete game worth € 14.99 or more.

And during the MGA Soldes Epic, players will receive a new coupon for each coupon used. Class. This epic € 10 voucher can be used on new games like Unexplored 2 (available for early access) and Grindstone. All the details about the use of Epic Vouchers and the purchase conditions can be found here.

Finally, “for all players who have already purchased an eligible game for Epic MGA Sales, they will be able to benefit from a partial refund to take advantage of Epic vouchers of € 10”. As such, they will be sent an email notification of the refund when the prachet game is available on the Epic Games Store. Refunds will be made using the payment method used.

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In short, it is the feast of the jiv.