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5 Factors That Will Drive E-commerce Growth in 2022 


E-commerce has seen a lot of changes in recent years. Since the effects of what happened in 2020, there have been a lot of radical changes in this industry. More important is that the consumer is now the centre of all the decisions that companies make. 

There are many e-commerce companies out there that is why as a consumer, you are encouraged to read reviews of e-commerce stores from sites like Britainreviews.

As someone that owns an e-commerce store, you have to stand out from other competitors if you want to make a profit and the following is some of the things that will determine the growth of e-commerce in 2022:

  • Multi-Channel Sales Funnels

Many people now see that depending on one sales funnel as an e-commerce store will not help you to achieve your business goals. Nowadays, a lot of e-commerce companies that offer online services have moved from having only websites to building sales funnels even on social media platforms. 

Most people according to stats buy a product only when they see others making use of it or see it multiple times from social media platforms. So this is why you need to have many different channels that you use while selling. 

  • Personalized User Experience

We have seen a trend that e-commerce stores that offer customized and personalized services to their customers make more sales than other companies that offer general services to all their customers. There is nothing that satisfies a customer more than being able to have a product or service that he can customize to how it suits him or her. 

  • Mobile Shopping

Shopping only with your laptop is a thing of the past because today one can shop anything online at any time with their mobile phones. Having an e-commerce store that doesn’t have a mobile app will lead to a loss of sales because the majority of people that shop online make use of their mobile phones to make such purchases

  • Good Customer Service

The customer service of companies that sell online now matters a lot because any company that cannot attend to its customers will have the risk of losing their potential customers. A company should be able to answer all the questions a consumer may have and also make sure that they make decisions with the feedback that they receive from their customers. 

  • Optimized Website

Many people don’t like a website that takes forever to load. So as an owner of an e-commerce store, make sure that your website is optimized and it does not take a long time to load so that you won’t lose customers.  When customers go back from visiting your page, it increases the bounce rate of the website and this decreases the chance of getting customers

Most people now get their things online from e-commerce stores. Therefore e-commerce stores have to make sure that they satisfy the needs of their customers by knowing the growth factor of e-commerce. The above-mentioned factors that were mentioned will help you to position yourself well for business come 2022.

Herbert Wise
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