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5 Great Summer Promotions to Boost Sales

Running a successful small business takes continuous effort and hard work. However, it never hurts to have inspiring ideas and promotional creativity. After all, if you want to generate leads and make sales, you have to make it all about the customer.

Summer is the perfect time of year to celebrate good weather, friendship, adventure, and vacations. As a small business owner, you can capitalize on everyone being in good spirits by running summer promotions.

But what can you do to take advantage of the season? We’re here to provide you with some potential solutions. Keep reading for five fantastic summer marketing campaigns.

  1. Social Media Raffles and Giveaways

Social media is one of your biggest assets in terms of promoting your products, communicating with consumers, and expanding your brand visibility. Nearly 72% of Americans have social media accounts. Most of us have accounts across multiple platforms.

Use Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube to run brand awareness summer promotions. You can run raffles and giveaways to generate hype about your products and maximize user engagement. Users can earn points toward your free giveaway by following your profile and liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts.

  1. Charity Runs

One of the best summer marketing ideas is to team up with a local charity and host a 5k run for awareness. As the primary sponsor of the event, set up a booth from which you can sell products, talk about your company, etc.

For the best results, ask other small businesses to participate. This will build more hype, increase your event budget, and ensure more attendance from the community.

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  1. Student Specials

Summer promotions are often geared toward college students returning home for the summer. You can draw in more traffic to your store, restaurant, or website by offering a valuable discount to students. This is especially effective for retail stores, local restaurants, etc.

We also recommend customizing certain summer promo items for the event. This can include custom printed koozies, T-shirts, bottles, bags, etc.

  1. Three-Month Promotion Rates

One of the simplest summer promotion packages you can offer is a three-month sales special. All summer long, you can offer generous discounts to get more people in the door (or onto your website).

As a restaurant, you could offer a different lunch special every day for five dollars. As a clothing store, you could have a new sales promotion each week. As a local gym, you could give members a super-low rate if they pay for all three summer months upfront.

  1. Summer Punch-Cards

Lastly, consider using punch cards as summer promotions to generate more sales. No matter what type of product or service you offer, you can reward returning customers with discounts based on their loyalty.

For example, 10 punches could equal a small free product. Alternatively, each punch in the card could grant them a discount, which becomes more valuable with each punch.

Looking for More Ideas for Summer Promotions?

Whether you’re implementing new summer promotional designs or sizeable discounts, now is the perfect time to start making more sales. People are generally happier and more outgoing during the summer. Take advantage of this season with summer promotions for your business.

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