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5 Hardest Battle Royale Games, Ranked


Battle Royale games feature very high competitive play. Here are five of the hardest to play titles in the genre ranked from easiest to hardest.

Video games come in all kinds of genres, each one fulfilling particular preferences for different players. One of the many things a lot of online gamers love about video games is competition. A lot of genres provide highly competitive settings, but none has grown into popularity as much as the Battle Royale genre.

These kinds of games are exhilarating, challenging and great to play with friends or alone. A lot of them are also available on multiple systems and platforms. For those curious about these kinds of games or for those who are highly competitive and looking for a challenge, here are some of the hardest Battle Royale games ranked from least challenging to most challenging.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Starting off on the list as least challenging, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — PUBG for short — covers all of the basics that make it a Battle Royale game. It can be said that PUBG is one of the original titles to boost the genre’s popularity. Its player rate is relatively high and features the essential mechanics of the genre like player drop zones, loot scavenging and a shrinking arena/map to force players into fights.

The reason PUBG is seen as the least challenging is that it can be seen as a foundation for the Battle Royale genre. This isn’t to say that PUBG is less of a game than the others on the list as it is still a fun and highly competitive Battle Royale shooter. However, compared to how far the genre has evolved, PUBG is very traditional.

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the stars of the newer Battle Royale games. It features satisfying gunplay and is highly competitive, but is not so much of a traditional title in the genre. Apex Legends is part hero shooter, meaning that players get to select from a pool of characters to use in their matches. Each character has different abilities and can play certain roles in their squad, which is typically three players (though a Duos mode does exist).

Apex Legends does have one advantage over other battle royale titles that can make it seem easy, though: its communication system is amazing. It’s hard to communicate with teammates in most battle royale, especially those without microphones or total strangers with different play styles. Apex Legends makes it easier for squads to communicate with each other through an intuitive ping system, allowing players to coordinate with their team with a single button. This makes communication not only easy but accessible to players.

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Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale is one of the lesser-known games in the genre, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as fun. Because of the game’s loot system, players can acquire some outlandish gear to give them an edge over opponents.  Communication is not that great in this game, but the game makes up for it with the kinds of abilities characters can have and the kinds of gear. For example, there is a character that can turn invisible, a mechanic to summon a zombie horde and bunny slippers that massively increase a player’s vertical mobility.

Healing is very plentiful in the form of food, and it is possible to revive dead teammates. But the same thing that makes this game unique is what makes it challenging. Cuisine Royale appears to rely solely on RNG (meaning it is very random) when it comes to loot drops, and these drops have high chances to grant players very powerful gear. This means that it is really down to the luck of the player when it comes to finding equipment scattered across the map.

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the harder Battle Royale games to play. The reason being that its map design is incredible. Because of how large and full of terrain it is, players can be set up in any nook and cranny. Not only that, but the idea that players need to win in an even one vs. one match known as the Gulag makes things especially challenging as they need to earn their revival.

Players can also collect in-game currency to exchange for better gear or call in their own loot drops, which can benefit a squad and give them a massive edge over their competitors. Some of these drops are also custom made by the players, essentially letting them remove the element of RNG looting. But, these drops are not without contest as other players will know where the drop is when it is made. There is also the idea of placing bounties on other players to help eliminate tougher competitors and collect rewards.

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To no surprise, a titan of a title in the Battle Royale genre gets the top spot. Unlike any other game in the genre, Fortnite is unique with its building mechanic. Building correctly and quickly can be a difficult skill to learn in the game, but it is a necessary one. Players are often building more than they are shooting, whether it is to provide cover from fire, to access higher vantage points, or even to trap other players in a small space. This unorthodox skill makes Fortnite very difficult to play and learn, especially when tons of other players already can build so well.

When watching a Fortnite competitive game, it can be easy to see how insane some of the players are when it comes to quickly building to position for a gunfight. Most games, players run and duck for cover, but in Fortnite, players must build their own. The map often features wide-open terrain for players to get shot at from afar, so without making cover, players will get gunned down without a revival method.

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