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5 Questions to Ask Before Availing of SEO Services


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most used digital marketing strategies due to its various benefits and features. SEO services are required for every company to gain traffic and attract a larger audience. If you are willing to hire an SEO services in Perth for your company, make sure to ask the following 5 questions to pick the right one. 

What is SEO?

SEO, meaning Search Engine Optimisation, is a digital marketing strategy that helps attract traffic and a larger audience by focusing on keywords and the search list ranking. SEO strategy keeps getting updated along with the constantly updating algorithm of the internet as well. 

Why hire SEO services?

It is advisable to hire an SEO service for your company to grow a stronger platform on the internet. SEO services can help you grow organic traffic to your website, enhance your search ranking and listings, and help you get more sales and leads for your site. 

There are a few questions you must ask the services before hiring them to make sure you find a service that suits your company’s requirements the best.

The following 5 questions are:

  • How do you plan on improving my company’s SEO?

Before hiring any SEO services in Perth, you need to ask their plan of action. A serious and legitimate SEO strategy is required to gain efficient and long-lasting results. They need to provide you with backlinks and additional useful keywords. One good backlink is better than multiple spam backlinks that do not profit you in any way. 

They also help in identifying suitable and advanced keywords for your company to gain more traffic. These keywords are picked very carefully and show promising results. 

  • Do you always follow the rules of Google?

Google has multiple updates in its algorithms every year. These updates work towards providing the best search results. To keep up with all of these updates might be difficult. There are certain rules set by google that should not be violated, or your site can get penalised. This is why make sure the service you choose focuses on a long-term success rate instead of cheating and getting a quick but risky success. 

  • Which tools are used by you?

Using SEO tools is not considered cheating and creating loopholes in Google’s algorithm. There are many tools that work towards gaining organic traffic for a website.

There are many different tools available, like link-building tools, reporting tools, research tools, and technical tools. These tools are in check with the guidelines of Google and help a lot in building a strong and recognised platform. 

  • What kind of SEO work are you mainly focused on?

There are namely three main kinds of SEO work that are needed to help your website gain success. The three types are technical, off-page, and on-page. Technical SEO work is considered the most important, so make sure the SEO services in Perth you choose have it. 

Technical is more focused on dealing with issues related to web crawlers, redirecting problems, site navigation, etc. Off-page works for the links and ads of your company on other sites. On-page focuses on the content and keywords used on your web page. 

  • Can you explain your past work experience?

Make sure you check their working background and past experiences so that you can judge the quality and efficiency of SEO services. You need to check if they have any experience in working for bug clients and help them gain a considerable profit from their services. This will also help you make sure they do not use any tricks that provide short-term profit and then backfire. 

Final Words

These are the main questions you should ask the SEO services you wish to hire to ensure they are eligible to provide you with a great growth path for your site. 


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