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5 Tips For Downloading TikTok Videos


TikTok is one of the most prominent social media applications in the world. Its popularity grows even further as new users join in and create and watch videos. There’s content for everyone to enjoy, from dance challenges, home improvement tips, pet videos, easy-to-do recipes, etc.

If you find videos that you enjoy, you can double-tap on the video so that the TikTok can appear on your liked page. You can get back to the videos if you want to watch them again. 

However, there are instances when you might want to download the video to keep it offline or share it with others. You can do this in several ways, but the easiest and most popular way is by using an online video downloader for TikTok. You can read more on this and other tips for downloading TikTok videos below.

  • Make Sure You’re Using A Safe Application Or Website

Before downloading anything, remember to do it safely. Look for an application or website that doesn’t pose any risks to your device. This way, you won’t end up downloading any viruses or exposing private information on the internet. 

Look for reviews and do a quick rundown of the application you wish to download. If it’s not a safe option, it’s best to search for a better and more secure alternative. After downloading several videos, you’ll probably have to scan your devices now and then to ensure you don’t have viruses on your device.

  • Ensure That Your Internet Is Stable

Downloading any file will require internet stability. If the network isn’t reliable, the file might become corrupted or fail to download all the way through. With stable internet, you won’t waste your time having to download your chosen video again. Plus, having a fast internet connection will also allow you to download more TikToks.

  • Organize The Videos On Your Device

The next thing you’ll want to do is organize the videos on your device. Remember that there are billions of users on TikTok, and you might end up with tons of videos on your phone or computer. So, after every download, you might want to organize them in folders on your device. Uploading them to the cloud would be a practical idea, too, if you have limited space.

  • Don’t Share Or Reupload The Videos As Your Own

Once you have all the videos on your phone, you might want to share them on social media because you find them interesting or funny. When doing so, it’s probably better to share the actual TikTok video from the creator if you can. 

If it’s not possible, it’s critical to never re-upload these videos as your own. It’s okay to share them and give a disclaimer, but don’t give the impression that this is your video and that you created it. 

Keeping the watermark and the information of the uploader on the video is better if you plan to re-upload the file. This will help others discover the original creator of the TikTok if they like their videos, too.

  • Look For A Way To Remove The Watermark

Sometimes the watermark can look distracting, and it might be in your interest to remove it. Hence, you might have to find an application to remove the logo or watermark and then download it. Yet, again, if you remove the watermark, don’t re-upload it as your own.

Reasons Why People Download TikTok Videos

Downloading TikTok videos is a fun way to have a collection of entertaining clips that you enjoy. If you don’t have internet, you could download and save multiple TikTok videos that you can watch offline. 

It’s also great for uploading on other platforms for easy watching. This means that the person you’re chatting with doesn’t have to watch the TikTok on a different app or a browser. They only need to click on play and watch it on the application where you’re having a chat. 

Furthermore, these videos can be deleted by the creator easily without notice. Thus, if you want to keep the video, it’s better to download it because you won’t be able to watch it again if the owner deletes the TikTok.


TikTok has all the entertaining and informative videos you can think of, available for viewing and sharing any time of the day. Some of these videos might be something you want to download so that you can watch them anytime. However, it’s essential to do this properly to avoid risks like viruses. Furthermore, respect the original creator of the videos by not claiming their work as your own.

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