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5 useful features you want to add to your iPad OS

5 useful features you want to add to your iPad OS

With apple iOS 14 Introduced major updates including renewal Home Screen With support Widget, Updated widget design, app library for organizing apps, translation apps, message changes, overhaul version of Safari and more.Many of these features iPadOS 14, A companion update for iOS 14 designed for the iPad, but omits some important features.

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In addition, there are some obvious and long-desired iPad OS features. iPad Even 10 years after the first iPad‌ was released. Read an overview of the ‌iOS14‌features that weren’t introduced on the ‌iPad‌ and some features that Apple really wants to introduce.

Home screen customizable widget

In iOS 14, Apple overhauled Widgets and introduced new design, feature, and customization options. These “widgets” are also included in the iPad OS, but they have one major missing feature. It is the ability to pull the widget out of Today View and go to the “home screen”.

on iPhone, You can get the widget and add it to the “Home screen” right next to the app icon, but not on the “iPad”. Starting with iPadOS 13, the iPad had the option to display “Today’s View” and “Widgets” on the “Home Screen”, but only in landscape mode and only on the left side of the display.

There is no option to place the “widget” wherever you like. The reason why that feature wasn’t added is a complete mystery, given the additional screen space available on the iPad.

App library

In addition to the lack of a customizable “home screen”, the app library is missing on the “iPad”. On iPhone‌, swipe to the end of the app page using the app library to go to the screen with the directories where all the apps are installed for easy access.

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This is not available on the iPad. In other words, iPad owners cannot get the same level of “home screen” customization because they also don’t have access to ancillary features such as the ability to hide app icons and pages from the “home screen.”

Translation app

The translation app is a major addition to iOS 14, adding a dedicated translation app to handle text and voice translations, and great features such as conversation mode for speaking with people who speak another language. I have.

Translation is clearly an app that Apple expects to use on a trip, but while the iPad isn’t a frequently accessible travel device, the translation app can be useful even on large screens. There are quite a few confusing emails from readers as to why the translation app isn’t on the iPad, but there’s no answer.

‌IPadOS14‌, like ‌iOS14‌, includes a built-in translation function in Safari, but this is different from the translation app.

Extended display

With iPad Pro (And the upcoming ‌iPad‌Air) You can connect to an external display using the USB-C port, but the functionality seems half-hearted. When plugged in, the screen of the ‌iPad‌ is mirrored to the target display, but not in full screen. There is also no option to turn off the iPad display when using the included monitor. This is distracting.

Apple also didn’t add an option to expand the display. This would be a more convenient option than mirroring. There are some apps that can do much more with a second screen, such as iMovie, but there is no full native support for extending your desktop.

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Multi-user support

Ten years after the first iPad went on sale, Apple has been promoting the iPad as a PC replacement for several years, but it doesn’t yet have multi-user support. You don’t have the option to share your iPad with anyone, but your Apple ID is different. Perhaps Apple wants the whole family to have their own iPad to grow sales.

Apple has added multi-user support to the classroom, so kids can share their iPad between different classes, but it doesn’t seem to be a priority in non-educational situations.

Are there any other features you would like Apple to add to your iPad or something that your iPad OS 14 doesn’t have? Please let us know in the comments.