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5G in Italy is not that fast: Opensignal's report on EMEA countries says so

5G in Italy is not that fast: Opensignal’s report on EMEA countries says so

Giuseppe Tripodi

The latest Opensignal report shows the state of the 5G networks of EMEA countries: Italy is not in good shape

Opening signal, a famous company specializing in mobile network analysis, has published a new report on the 5G network status in the countries of the EMEA zone (Europe and the Middle East). The measurements taken into consideration were collected in the period from February 1 to March 1, 2021.

As always, Opensignal divides the data obtained into several summary graphs, which you can find in the gallery at the bottom: the measurements refer to speed. download and upload media, download speed spikes, ratings on the user experience with streaming video, games and VoIP calls and, finally, the availability of the 5G network.

In all the mentioned rankings, Italy does not rank very well, always remaining in the last positions; In particular, in terms of average download speed, we are in penultimate place, just ahead of Poland.

However, there is a very consoling (and also important) fact: our country is doing quite well compared to the others when it comes to 5G availability. In the ranking in question, in fact, Italy is more or less in the middle with a interesting 10% (compared to the total sailing time): a figure quite far from the top two places on the podium (Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, respectively with 27.6% and 24.8%), but quite close to almost all European neighbors ( and significantly higher than countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland and even Germany).

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To get an idea of ​​the data collected by Opensignal we leave you the graphs collected in the gallery below, but we also suggest that you read the full report on company website.