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5G network segmentation: RTL and Telekom simplify mobile TV production

5G network segmentation: RTL and Telekom simplify mobile TV production

5G network outage
RTL and Telekom simplify mobile TV production

Broadcasting live plays an important role in broadcast journalism. A new technology facilitates the stable transmission of high-quality moving images.

RTL Deutschland and Deutsche Telekom broadcast live TV reports for the first time via Telekom’s independent 5G network. ntv used the technology for a live interview ahead of the Digital X technology fair in Cologne. With it, it is possible to transmit high-quality moving images in a stable and smooth manner, even in heavily loaded mobile phone cells.

The latest mobile communications standard supports the transmission of data-intensive video signals in real time. The so-called 5G network outage makes this possible. “With the tests so far and the first live interview about the 5G network outage at ntv, we have reached an important milestone. We are successfully continuing our partnership with RTL Germany,” said Claudia Nemat, Telekom Board Member responsible for of technology and innovation.

Network cutoff is a key feature of 5G Standalone, the network independent of LTE. Allows you to create multiple virtual network sections. These work independently of each other, but are located on a single network infrastructure.

“Our goal is to provide our viewers and users with the best possible information from anywhere and at any time,” said Stephan Schmitter, CEO of RTL NEWS. The 5G network outage is an important tool and therefore strengthens independent journalism.

Switching live while on the go is becoming more and more important in broadcast journalism. Standalone 5G with network cutoff will play a key role in this. Transmission of video signals in this way increases the efficiency of television productions. In the future, high-quality video can also be reliably sent in real time using only smartphones and 5G network splitting. Many television stations have so far used satellites to broadcast live. Less flexible and expensive vehicles are used for this.