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6 apps and games are free on the Play Store today, Google is going crazy

6 apps and games are free on the Play Store today, Google is going crazy

Choose a smartphone Android brings many benefits to users, without any limitation contrary to what can happen with other platforms. Certainly a large part of the people prefer for example Apple with his ios, which is certainly a complete operating system but not very open compared to the green robot. In fact, Android has this feature that has always managed to make it the most used among mobile operating systems, but not only.

In fact, the latest data speak of an overflow even to the detriment of Microsoft with his Windows, popular desktop platform. Therefore, Android continues to make its functions its main strength, including new additions and little by little with the famous system updates. Meanwhile, everyone knows that the Play store represents a fundamental pawn for the personalization, a fundamental aspect of the Google Home platform. In fact, here you can find games and applications of any kind, both paid and free. But today there are sale and the Google Play Store offers many free paid titles to users.

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Android – All of these titles are free rather than paid, but only for a few days

Users using an Android smartphone will be happy to know that various titles from the Play Store will be free for a few days. Here she is ready complete: