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6 Benefits of Playing the Bitcoin Dice Game


Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-based gambling is the new mantra for secure, online gaming. Here we look at what are Bitcoin dice games. Also, what are the different benefits you get to gamble on them online?

What Are Bitcoin Dice Games?

Dice has been a tool that has been used in gambling over the years. Most players use it in chance-based gambling games. Today online casinos have re-invented the old dice games into their digital avatars. Also, if you choose to play a dice game at a cryptocurrency-based casino you will enjoy anonymity in paying for such wagers. There are several dice games that you can play at a Bitcoin casino today, according to online casino groups.

Types of Dice Games

1. Exclusive Dice

This is a variant of dice games that have become popular over time. Here players can choose to bet high or bet low.

2. Craps

Those who are familiar with online casino games have heard of this category as well. Here players bet on outcomes for rolling a dice pair. Also, players can wager against other players or wager against the bank. Such games are fun since they are easy to play instantly. Also, gamblers can log onto a live casino section and bet on craps games live.

3. Hazard

This is yet another dice game, played with a pair of dice. Anyone can begin the game as a caster or shooter. Also, two or more two players can play this game. Additionally, if two or more two players are playing, they need to roll the dice. After that, they can decide as per the highest number. For instance, a player who begins and throws a dice first established the main point. That is it can be any number between 5 to 9, both inclusive.

4. Banca Francesa

This table game is a dice game as well, which one can play with 3 coloured dice. Also, this game has different zones with different rewards and bets. Again, one of the distinct game features is that games can end in a tie. After that players’ stakes stay on the table but you can add them, take them off or move them around when you place your bets next.

5. Sic Bo

This is an especially popular dice game. It originated in Macau and other Asian casinos. Today gamblers will find Sic Bo games in the table games or live dealer section. Essentially it is a three-dice game where players bet on either big or small outcomes. For instance, a small bet is that all three dices roll and land outcomes between 4 to 10. On the other hand, a high bet is akin to betting that the sum of all three outcomes will be between 11 to 17.

Benefits of Playing Dice Games with Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

There are several benefits of playing dice games at a Bitcoin casino. The top six benefits are listed below:

1. Secure Transaction

We all know that eWallet transactions promised greater security than a card or online transfers. However, crypto wallets take that security feature further. Since cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous, there is an extra layer of security added to these casino transactions. This is also because of the nature of cryptocurrency transactions.

These depend on Blockchain technology. As a result, all transactions players conduct with a cryptocurrency creates an indelible entry in the Blockchain system of that cryptocurrency. This remains proof that one has made a certain transaction with a corporate entity. Hence, casinos cannot deny such transactions, in case any dispute arises.

2. Instant Transactions

That is another benefit of crypto wallet payments. Similar to eWallets, most crypto wallet transactions are done within minutes. In most casinos, you will find your deposit processed within minutes from an approved crypto wallet. Also, players will find withdrawals processed within 24 hours on most casino sites.

3. Exclusive Promos

Any cryptocurrency is akin to a financial asset. Besides having transacting power, such assets have market values as well. Hence, if a player gains cryptocurrencies through wins at a casino that helps build your asset folder. Again, most crypto or Bitcoin casinos have exclusive promos. For instance, for a certain deposit players can take on a bonus amount of the same crypto. Furthermore, many casinos make such bonuses wager free, unlike the terms of fiat currency bonuses. Hence, gamblers increase their chances of having more cryptocurrency deposits than how much they started with.

Ease of Starting Crypto Wallet Accounts

Often many people hesitate to sign up for cryptocurrency wallets, simply because they are not accustomed to such funds. However, today it is easy to sign up for many cryptocurrency wallets such as Bitcoin Cash.

All one needs to do is choose a cryptocurrency that one wishes to buy and store in that account. Hence, once a customer signs up for such an online wallet and creates an account, they can fund that account by purchasing cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies. For instance, you can choose online transfer, credit or debit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies. Also, some crypto wallets even allow one to purchase and store more than one form of cryptocurrency.

1. Play on Mobile Devices

Security of crypto wallet transactions gives you greater freedom to gamble. Hence, you can log into your account from your mobile device and gamble on any game of your choice. It is also easy to fund your account on the go.

2. No Processing Fees

That is mostly the case at most crypto casinos. That is, most of the casinos that accept cryptocurrencies do not charge processing fees. As a result, there is no additional cost to fund or withdraw crypto funds from such accounts.


As apparent from above, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency casinos are on the rise. They offer greater security, and ease of transaction and charge no additional fees. At the same time, players get the chance to win more of these valued digital currencies and increase their hold on financial assets.

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