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7 Best Open World Games You Can Play on Your Phone


If like many people, you are a huge fan of open-world games and all the incredible diversity and variety of experiences they have to offer, then you are in luck. There are many amazing open-world games that you can play on your smartphone wherever you are.

Playing open-world games on your smartphone is just as thrilling as playing them on a PC or console. Some of the experiences offered on the smartphone games beat the PC or console games too. In this article, you will find a list of the top open world games that you can play on your phone for hours on end without getting bored:

Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas

There is a good reason why a GTA game is first on the last. After all, the whole open-world games craze for many gamers started with the GTA series. Many people argue that San Andreas is still the best game of the series. Thanks to Rockstar games, you can now enjoy this incredible game right on your phone.

You get to stroll the cities of Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas on your phone and enjoy the beautiful visions. GTA San Andreas on your smartphone holds the promise of 70 hours of gameplay and, of course, the joy of open-world exploration.

MadOut2 BigCity Online

If you enjoy GTA, then you’re going to love this game. It is a very popular and enjoyable GTA clone game. MadOut2 BigCity Online has a great crime drama storyline. There are many fast cars in this world, and the car physics is pretty impressive. You get to try some very cool weapons and go on some exciting quests. The missions are varied and realistic.

You can host battle royale games and have fun with your friends or play against people on the Internet by way of the online multiplayer option. So, if you are bored, you can always enjoy the camaraderie of playing with others.

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

Six Guns is an action-adventure game that you cannot miss. It has the vibes of the popular AAA game Red Dead Redemption. If you don’t have a PC or console that allows you to play high-end games like Red Dead Redemption 1 or 2, you can always find solace in playing Six Guns on your smartphone.

Six Guns has got a great, dark storyline exploring the themes of evil and redemption. The environment is rich and well-detailed, and it has a great atmosphere. You play the character Buck Crosshaw, and you get to ride on your horse in the deserts of Arizona and Oregon and shoot down bandits. The horse races are a whole lot of fun as well.


Terraris is a serious competitor to Minecraft when it comes to open-world games on the phone. It’s a fascinating 2d world that offers lots of opportunities to explore, build, and mine. If you have the knack for it, you can build some truly impressive, jaw-dropping structures in this game. You get to take up all sorts of challenges and activities as well. The beauty of playing Terraria on the phone is that it is qualitatively as good as the PC version.

You can play Terraris with up to 7 people easily. The controls are easily customizable as well. You can choose a combat system that fits your preferences, fight lots of enemies in the dungeons and the underworld. Many gamers claim that it is more engaging than Minecraft because of its superiority in terms of building mechanics and crafting systems.


Minecraft has a huge appeal to it that has lasted for many years and is still present to the same extent. It has managed to engage gamers of all age groups, and it offers limitless scope for creativity and innovation. It gives the player a lot of freedom and control to create, build and enjoy their unique worlds.

The game works just as great on the smartphone. You can explore your creativity by playing in the creative mode, or if you need a good challenge, you can try the survival mode and see how long you last. The co-op survival option is a great way to experience the game.

Gangstar Vegas

Here is another GTA clone game that you will not find on other platforms. It’s made specifically for the smartphone, so you can expect it to perform brilliantly. In Gangstar Vegas, you play a character who aims to become a gang leader in Las Vegas, the city of sin.

You get to try all sorts of vehicles and weapons and also look stylish in a great range of clothing options that you can choose from. It’s a game that you will have to fight your way through. There are gang wars, street fights, fight-night boxing, and six-gun action missions that you can look forward to.

Are you one of those people who enjoy gambling on the many great online casino websites like Judi Online? If so, then Gangstar Vegas is the perfect game for you. You get to have a real Vegas experience in this game. It allows you to play popular gambling games like Blackjack and Video Poker.

Old School Runescape

MMORPGs are well known for offering an immersive experience. They offer a real adventure and challenge to players. Of all the MMORPGs, Runescape has been one of the most successful ones with a huge community. After all, many gamers have jumped in and out of it for almost 20 years.

The developers have brought this classic game to the smartphone. You can now enjoy the missions and quests and fight the bosses on your phone. The game also offers a subscription service. As a subscriber, you get to enjoy a much larger map, go on more quests, have more skills, and even 400 extra bank slots.

However, apart from the subscription service, there are no other purchases that the game asks you to make. There’s nothing better than having an MMORPG game on your phone that you can play from any time and any place. All you need is a good Internet connection.

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