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7 vs Wild Season 2: Sequel-Specific Hints


Finally Fritz Meinecke talks about details. Season 2 is getting more and more specific. Source: Fritz Meinecke

How big was the hype about the first season 7 vs. Wild of content creator Fritz Meinecke and his team in the past? The answer is simple: the new format caused a storm of enthusiasm on YouTube Germany. In addition to the exciting idea itself, the participants and the quality of the preparation of the collected material were also highlighted.

Many fans were almost sad when the last episode of season 1 aired and with it the grand finale on December 29. Previously there were two new episodes a week for weeks that kept the community entertained. All the better that plans for a sequel are now becoming more and more concrete.

Coming soon visit to the area

While Fritz Meinecke has long resisted talking about concrete plans for a second season of 7 vs Wild, and convincingly included the word “potential” in the same sentence, it can no longer be denied that the organizing team is already in the middle. of planning. stuck.

Fritz Meinecke recently revealed on his stream that the tour of a possible region to host Season 2 of 7 vs Wild should continue in the coming weeks, of course without him, as he will also be a candidate again. But even if the visualization suggests considering the associated location for season 2, it will probably be a long time before we see the episodes again.

Wild Card: Here’s How You Could Be In Season 2

Because unlike Season 1, Season 2 of 7 vs Wild isn’t just meant to be attended by guests. Rather, there is currently a plan in place, though not yet finally confirmed, to put a member of the community in front of the camera via a wild card. The idea here is to involve the community in the selection of participants.

Meinecke spoke on the broadcast about the possibility of wanting to organize an application process in which those interested could, in addition to basic information about themselves, also record videos that include small challenges, which he could then watch on his broadcast for later. vote on success. . However, he emphasizes that this plan is not final yet and is set in stone. Even requests not requested in advance would bring nothing. So save your creativity for when the time really comes.

7 vs. Wild Season 2 – Can any of you come?! | Fritz Meinecke on Questions and Answers

One way or another, Fritz really doesn’t want to be nailed just yet. He ends the corresponding broadcast’s Q&A section with the words “Nothing official yet.”

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How are they? Would you watch a second season of 7 vs Wild again? Would you like to be there yourself?


How are they? Would you watch a second season of 7 vs Wild again? Would you like to be there yourself?X

The first season 7 vs Wild was broadcast exclusively on Fritz Meinecke’s official YouTube channel from November 6 to December 29, 2021 and was enjoyed by millions of viewers with every episode. A real highlight and perhaps an inspiration for the German maker scene. After 16 episodes, it’s all over for now, but the last word definitely doesn’t seem to have been said yet. Who knows, maybe there will even be more to see this year.

It remains to be seen what changes there will be to the format aside from the potential wild card. There should definitely be other participants in a different place. Hopefully we find out what happens next as soon as possible.

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