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7 vs Wild season 2: THIS could make her fail


Fritz Meinecke needs the help of his community: Where could Season 2 of 7 vs. Wild? Source: Fritz Meinecke – Live on YouTube

Even while the first season of the popular YouTube format 7 vs. Wild was still running, many fans were already speculating and hoping for a sequel in the form of a second season. Fritz Meinecke, content creator and mastermind behind the outdoor survival format, in which seven participants had to survive for seven days with seven objects in the Swedish wilderness and document their experiences, has so far kept a low profile and occasionally he has only discussed ideas about what a “possible second season” might look like.

He still sticks to this cautious formulation, but plans can be shown to be becoming more concrete. In one of his latest videos on the YouTube channel Fritz Meinecke – Live, where excerpts from his broadcasts are usually posted, he himself talks about how he met Max and Johannes (two team members who were also involved in the conception and implementation of season 1) sat down to discuss a possible second season. So the idea of ​​a sequel will not let the possible organizers escape either.

Fritz turns to the community

However, there are still a number of things to be clarified on which the actual implementation depends. One of the most crucial and important factors is location. In the video, Fritz Meinecke explains that he would like a different scenario for the “possible” season 2 of 7 vs. Wild, so Swedish nature would be out of the planning. Instead, I wanted to present variety in terms of landscapes and resources that might be available to the participants.

Before even thinking about things like “tag teams” and “gamification”, a way of locating a new place must be found. It is not only about the variety itself, but above all about the official approvals. Meinecke can imagine various places around the world, but he needs concrete contacts to talk to those responsible on site. Filming and residence permits, a support team and other fundamental issues are essential for a format of this type. Other topics to be covered include accessibility, on-site powers such as opening fire, hunting animals, and more. For example, in season 1, the contestants were allowed to fish, but not to hunt on land.

“In reality, everything stands and falls with location. Where are we doing all this? – Fritz Meinecke in his video “I need your help… This is what makes 7 vs. Wild Season 2 stand tall and fall”

In order to clarify this fundamental question, Fritz Meinecke now addresses his community. He hopes to find someone there who knows someone directly or can even put them in touch with an agency that has the appropriate powers and can be contacted directly by email or phone.

If you have a corresponding suggestion for a contact person, the email address was used for this [email protected] configured through which you can contact the 7 vs. WildTeam. Important: Please do not use this address to convey your wishes or great locations to those in charge. This is simply a matter of networking with people who could help plan the alignment in potential areas.

A rough profile of possible locations already exists. The area should have around 10×10 kilometers of wilderness, with no large settlements, other buildings such as wind turbines, power lines, or factors indicating civilization. Ultimately, it’s about being able to represent a “realistic scenario” again. Therefore, a snow desert is more likely to be ruled out. The last claim of the team are the varied resources in terms of water, food, vegetation, etc.

I need your help.. This is the essence of 7 vs. Wild Season 2

You can find the full announcement in the full video here:

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