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A battery that can be fully charged in 15 minutes.

A battery that can be fully charged in 15 minutes.

Posted on: 02/03/2021 7:08 PM IST

A battery that can be fully charged in 15 minutes.

Bangalore: With gasoline prices skyrocketing, there is once again a debate about the use of electric vehicles. However, one of the main problems with these is the battery charge. Motorists are not interested in these yet, as they need to be charged for a long time. In such circumstances, the Bangalore-based start-up ‘Log-9’ has developed a technology that can fully charge a battery in 15 minutes.

‘Log9’ said in a statement that the batteries were made using supercapacitor technology with graphene. These batteries can be fully charged in just 15 minutes and last over 15 years. It revealed that lithium ion batteries have better quality and durability. Its goal is to produce 3,000 battery-powered vehicles (2-wheelers, 3-wheelers) by fiscal year 2022.

Interchangeable Battery Consortium

On the other hand, the European companies Piaggio, Cespa and KTM, including the main Japanese car manufacturers Honda and Yamaha, have formed a consortium of interchangeable batteries (replaceable batteries). These companies are working to make vehicles that can carry batteries and charge them separately. Furthermore, the use of electric vehicles will increase in the future.

How do these …?

In this process, motorists can remove the batteries from their vehicles and charge them separately. When a battery is charging, they can remove it, install another battery, and continue their journey continuously. Currently, some countries offer this facility. Companies install charging points in designated locations. You can put in a battery that has run out and take another battery that is fully charged.

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