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A blow to Google and Facebook: this is the huge fine they took away

A blow to Google and Facebook: this is the huge fine they took away

Google, Facebook (photo pexels)

Google and Meta (formerly Facebook) will have to pay more than $ 100 million to Russia, a state court ruled on Friday. Reason for the fine: The fact that the two companies continue not to remove content that the state has defined as illegal or prohibited.

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The court ruled that Google will have to pay 7.2 billion rubles, which is about $ 98 million, and Meta will have to part with 2 billion rubles, which is about $ 27 million. The amount of the fines is calculated according to the income of the two network giants in Russia, after the court announced in September that Western companies that do not comply with the laws and orders in Russia will face fines of 5% – 20% of your annual income. in the country. Google’s revenue in Russia in 2020 was 85 billion rubles.

These fines are the highest ever imposed in Russia on Western companies due to non-removal of content. But they are only the beginning: the court has announced that they can upload if the content in question continues to appear in the versions of Google and Facebook that are shown to Russian citizens. Anton Gorlekin, a member of Putin’s party who is part of the Information Policy Committee, even threatened Telegram after the ruling: “For some reason, the company (Google) is following the decisions of the courts in the United States and Europe without appeal. . “.

Google Moscow has told the media that it is studying the ruling and then the next steps will be decided. Meta did not respond.

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