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A demo of Niantic AR shows the future of Pokémon GO

A demo of Niantic AR shows the future of Pokémon GO

During the Augmented world experience, a conference to present the latest innovations in the field of virtual reality, the CEO from Niantic John hanke showed a particular demo AR from Pokemon go, which is a version of the title that takes full advantage of the augmented reality. What we are shown is what the mobile game would look like in future.

The executive of the American development company explained that the company plans to create a new version from Pokémon GO by smart glasses, that is, for devices similar to eyeglasses that add information to what we see thanks to technology WITH, or augmented reality. If this project were to be carried out, it would be possible to look around with these special glasses to find yourself. to few meters give one Pokemon.

On short video shown to us, provisionally registered in a smartphone, several types of Pokémon appear areas framed the Park in which the player is and in the distance we can also see a Pokéstop. It also looks like a Ivysaur is following the player, it is probably the Companion pokemon. Hanke, regarding this possible new Pokémon GO feature, states:

“It is as if our virtual creations come to life, as if the Pokémon live in the park below the house and are waiting for you to discover and interact with them.”

John hanke

With these words, the CEO then highlights how reality and fiction come together, enhancing reality itself. Then he focuses on Benefits that these technologies that they can bring and adds:

“With this type of service we can educate, entertain and help people by transforming everyone’s life into something a little more magical”

John hanke

We hope Niantic will be able to complete its new project, finally managing to merge the Pokemon world with ours and bring some of that magic into the lives of all pocket monster fans.

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