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A great port for Super Mario 64 already exists on the Nintendo DS


I love Mario saying “goodbye”.

I almost forgot this little detail. I revisited and remembered Super Mario 64 DS After hearing the Nintendo 3DS return notice Super Mario 64 To Super Mario 3D All Star..

Nintendo announces Super Mario 3D All Star Announced on September 3rd as a collection of three Mario games — Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine,and Super Mario Galaxy — Repackaged for Nintendo Switch. Everything was done to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the plumber’s original game.

This will be the first re-release of Super Mario Sunshine And Super Mario Galaxy Since their first debut in 2002 and 2007 respectively. However, Super Mario 64 It’s not a stranger to re-release. The game has appeared on the Wii and Wii U virtual consoles. But before any of these ports, there was another version of the game. Super Mario 64 DS..

Not only was it an outstanding release title for the original Nintendo DS, Super Mario 64 DS It also showed how to make the rerelease special.

Mario 64 DS It wasn’t just a carbon copy of the Nintendo 64 game. A lot of new content has been added. It contained a whopping 30 new stars, a whole new territory, and a secret star. Introduced Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario as playable characters. It also boasts a catalog of 36 touchscreen-based mini-games. They are just A few Of the highlights.

I’m not saying that the more content you have, the better it is in nature. What made this port work is that the new content enhances and improves the experience of the original game.

For example, playing on Yoshi fixed an issue Super Mario 64: Mario’s limited jump. Yoshi’s long, high jumps made it easier to play certain areas indefinitely. Yoshi has transformed Tall Toll Mountain’s clunky platform into a significantly smoother, less frustrating experience.

Another way Super Mario 64 DS The characteristic of the port was that it was not designed to be simply playable. on DS. It was made for DS, and it introduced new features in handhelds. The DS had its drawbacks. I don’t think anyone in human history would be happy to use that clumsy thumbpad. However, Super Mario 64 DS Touch control was still useful in points. For example, you can use a stylus to navigate thin and complex paths.

Photo: Ana Diaz for Polygon

Also, what about these touch screen mini games? They were really funny and weird. There was a screen to play as good and pick the petals from the flowers, and the screen alternated between “I love you” and “I don’t love me”. like what? You can also play some mini-games with others via download play. That is, even if a friend does not have it Super Mario 64 DS, You could still enjoy some fun Mario party-style villains together.

The game was also not afraid to take risks. I even changed the story a little. Super Mario 64 DS In the original game, he left the maiden’s rope by starting the player as Yoshi, who was first tasked by Lakitus to save Mario. The player’s first mission was to save Mario, not Peach.

I’m not saying that the change is the only highlight Super Mario 64 DS.. Porting a game is also an act of preservation. good Mario 64 The port must not rob the best part of the original game or switch things excessively. There was never a point with Super Mario 64 DS When you feel Oh this is Super Mario 64; this is Also Different or experimental.

This port introduced new gameplay, but more importantly, it kept the aspects of the original N64 version and built it to work well. Do you remember how you felt for the first time stumbling on a twisted slide behind a stained glass window? Well, this re-release reminds us of it and adds more secret spots to discover.

And of course Super Mario 64 DS Show one of my favorites for Nintendo games: love and attention to detail.

When you launch the game, Mario’s big face pops up. When he touches Mario’s face with the DS stylus, he reacts. Next is my previous example where Mario said “goodbye” when closing the DS. Details like these make the game memorable and represent the best of Nintendo games.

I still see Super Mario 64 DS As a great example of how to successfully port a game. Obviously, not all design teams working on the port will redevelop many aspects of the game in this way, but I appreciate the effort they put into it.

It looks like new Super Mario 3D All Star You’ll lean directly at the port, but I can’t help but hope Nintendo keeps hiding some surprises in its sleeves.

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