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A key milestone in the search for life on Mars has been completed.  But,

A key milestone in the search for life on Mars has been completed. But,

Washington: NASA’s Perseverance rover continues its search for Mars with the goal of searching for life. Rover recently completed a key milestone as part of the mission. The rover, which was drilled as expected into an ancient rock in Zero Crater, was unable to collect stone samples. This is the first time such a hole has been dug on Mars. NASA scientists said that all the devices were working properly as expected.

However, the researchers said the samples did not reach the specified titanium tubes. It is hoped that this is not due to a malfunction of the equipment. It is suspected that the ancient stone did not respond as well as they expected. He said the analysis would take place over the next few days. It is recalled that a similar situation has been encountered in the past. A similar situation arose during the 2008 Phoenix mission. Although the soil samples were later collected … they stuck together and could not be moved to the respective team to test them as expected. But, after many attempts, he finally succeeded. I was hoping that the next attempt would also be successful this time.

NASA, on the other hand, said that the engineering helicopter sent as part of the mission was also completing its mission successfully. The helicopter, which has already passed through several areas, sent several images to NASA. The team examining them is trying to identify areas of research interest and send the rover there.