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[Señales misteriosas / Leyendas urbanas / Google Maps]Recently, some netizens discovered that Hong Kong streets on Google Maps were suddenly added with many “M” signs, prompting heated discussions among netizens. Some netizens speculate that they represent the entrances and exits of shopping centers, and YouTube users can observe the location of the CCTV. “Hong Kong 01” science and technology toy reporter asked Google Hong Kong, and finally got an official answer!

As you can see from the picture, there are 9 “M” signs only at the Mega Center in Mong Kok.

A large number of “M” signs with white text on a blue background suddenly appeared on Google Maps. According to Google’s official website, the “M” icon represents the “Metro” subway. Is there another reason for the large number of “M” “signs?

Someone on the discussion forum said that this mysterious sign had already appeared in January of this year. Some people also posted a place where the mysterious “M” sign appeared nearby. You can see that there is one almost every few steps, and there are a lot of them. The situation is intriguing.

👇👇 Netizens found a lot of fan “M” icons[haga clic en la imagen para agrandar]👇👇

Technology toys channel “Hong Kong 01” received an official response from Google Hong Kong 👇👇👇 to see netizens’ speculation and Google’s official response[haga clic para ampliar]👇👇👇

In fact, each sign on Google Maps has a specific meaning. You use Google Maps to drive roads and cars every day. How much do you know about the icons on the map? Here are 50 signs you are sure to see on Google Maps of Hong Kong. Let’s guess!Ings50 meanings of Google Maps icons[haga clic en la imagen para agrandarla]👇👇

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In the last ten years, there have been several changes in personnel matters. In recent years, many important milestones have been completed in Hong Kong. Do you use Google Maps to view street maps during the week and do you know that there is a secret to using Google Maps to view street views from 12 years ago? You can find it regardless of whether it’s the UA movie theater that just shut down the entire line, or the non-air-conditioned “hot dog” bus that has disappeared.

👇👇👇13 Google Maps Street View Comparison Chart👇👇👇

Learn to use Google Map to travel through time! Examine the full text:Google Maps recalls the appearance of 13 landmarks in Hong Kong Yu Man Fang / Mong Kok King Wah 12 years ago

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Have you ever tried to think of some keywords all of a sudden, but can’t find the results you want when you google them? It may be because you searched the wrong way! To improve the efficiency of your information search, learn to use “site:”, “~”, “” “”, and other symbols to help you instantly search and find the information you want.

👇👇11 Google search skills, knowledge will not be searched again! 👇👇

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