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A major change is coming to Erste on Monday, a new system will replace NetBank and MobilBank


On February 8, George, Erste Bank’s digital platform, which has been announced for weeks, will be available to Hungarian retail customers, replacing the current NetBank and MobilBank retail services, and a new and extremely affordable checking account and card package. special. Erste promises that George will adapt to the needs of his clients: it can be a good solution for those who just want to see and manage their daily expenses easily, but also for those who would manage their various investments online with a single application, either by phone. or personal loan. to the mobile.

Hello George!

Erste introduced its digital platform in Austria in 2012 and made it available throughout Europe with continuous improvements. George is currently available to six million customers in five countries, and 250 developers work on newer solutions every day at George Labs.

George runs on the Amazon cloud, ensuring fast access and security. The application is modular, so everyone can customize the service offering. The application allows you to manage multiple accounts and cards, view investments and easily claim any new product, be it credit, card, investment or insurance. You can switch between accounts and functions with a system of tiles, the color and background of each module can be adjusted individually, so you can determine in an instant which account or service package we are managing. Personality is enhanced by the fact that you can also assign a photo to your partners so that you can see who we are referring to.


The system can also be turned into a true digital financial assistant: the elastic search engine used in banking systems for the first time in Hungary offers all transactions that meet the condition after the first characters, making it easy to search among the expenses.

The money spent is classified based on the card company data, and users are free to restrict and expand it, modify it, categorize it and categorize and label each expense so that they can see if they are saturated in a category, such as buying clothes or friendly beers.

George analyzes the data on a monthly and yearly breakdown, provides an accurate picture of how much money we have available, as a financial mentor assisting with personal financial development, providing individual advice and ideas. Clients can also open a securities account from mobile, manage their investments, buy government securities, choose from mutual funds, and see exactly how much their portfolio has generated in a graphical interface.

The app remembers account numbers and names, helps you fill out forms, and allows you to easily order a new product online. You can even store invoices, even warranty tickets, so warranty tickets can be easily assigned to expenses while the system reminds the user when their ID card is about to expire or it’s time to buy another annual highway decal .

Switch and Google Pay

The more than 300,000 MobilBank users of Erste Bank in Hungary will receive George as an automatic update in the coming weeks, while in the case of NetBank the transition will be gradual, with existing Erste customers accessing the web interface for some time in parallel with the traditional solution. However, by mid-summer, retail customers will only be able to learn about George’s solutions in mobile banking and the Internet.

Google Pay will arrive in summer

Thus, customers with Android phones can also benefit from simple mobile payments, but there is an installment payment that can be used when buying by phone, a fully online personal loan application and a new discount system offered to customers of You got a refund after multiple purchases.

Parallel to the launch of the digital platform, the bank with George’s account will appear. The first package of Erste products can be ordered completely online with video identification for anyone who does not have a checking account at the bank. George’s account is smartly priced, meaning the rate is automatically adjusted to account billing: up to HUF 250,000 per month, for only HUF 390, up to HUF 400,000 per month, offers customers a package without other costs when using digital channels – online orders and transfers, credit card payments, in case of filling in a credit of at least one hundred thousand guilders.

The special feature of the George card, which is also making its debut now, is its format: instead of the existing solutions, the plastic sheet will be in the upright position, adapting to the card that is used in this position, it will be inserted into the machine or at the payment terminal.

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