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A new date has been set for the Ripple and SEC case!

A new date has been set for the Ripple and SEC case!

Researcher Leonidas Hadjiloizou, who often shares data on Ripple and XRP, shared new data on the court. It reported that the court accepted Ripple’s request to force the US securities regulator SEC to produce documents showing why there are no securities for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ripple is also SEC XRP He insisted on showing them other documents related to his situation.

The US District Court for the Southern District of New York announced the date of the discovery conference, which will be held by phone to discuss the defendants’ joint motion. The request to force the SEC to produce the aforementioned documents came from attorneys representing Ripple Labs, the company’s co-founder Chris Larsen, and CEO Garlinghouse.

The judge has set a date for the conference

US Magistrate Sarah Netburn, Tuesday April 6 Ripple Labs and SEC; He will attend a discovery conference by phone to fulfill Ripple’s request to produce documents on the status of XRP.

According to Leonidas Hadjiloizou’s tweet, these documents will be: documents on the unsecured status of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the SEC’s internal communications on the legal status of XRP, and documents on ten additional custodians.

When requests for these documents came in, Ripple representatives claimed that the SEC was withholding evidence that XRP was notifying crypto exchanges that it was not a security.

It was also claimed that the SEC presented evidence that Chris Larsen continued to move XRP despite the lawsuit filed against him.

Meanwhile, Ripple sent 303,000 document pages.

An article he wrote to Judge Sarah Netburn in the letter Ripple’s lawyers note that the documents on Bitcoin and Ethereum are indeed relevant to the case, despite the arguments of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. like before We have informed The SEC had requested that this request be rejected, stating that this request was unnecessary.

During the investigation, the blockchain company produced 303,000 pages of documents and is currently reviewing 75,000 more documents requested by the SEC. However, the SEC had agreed to provide only 153 documents requested by Ripple.

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