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A new way to listen to WhatsApp audio messages without the sender knowing. Know it

A large number of those who use the popular WhatsApp messaging application want to know how to read messages and listen to voice messages without the knowledge of the reporter, and this matter is difficult because of their inability to hide the blue reading, which is known as the last sight. .

How to read audio messages on WhatsApp without the sender’s knowledge

Watts Water It has made a major change for many users in the world and it is for people who do not want senders to know if their message has been read or listened to, and is currently working to provide a feature to disable receipts for listening. voice messages and for iPhone users.

The method to disable blue marks or read voice messages on WhatsApp is as follows:

  • You have to open WhatsApp.
  • Then you click on more or on the three dots that are in the upper right.
  • Define the settings.
  • Determine the account.
  • Then go to privacy and start deactivating your read receipts.

And in the event that you turn off the blue reading signs, you will notice them on WhatsApp, and others will not be able to know if other people have read your messages, and signs will not appear even if the recipient has read your message. .

Besides that, the WhatsApp application will also start to launch and it will be with a modern progress bar for voice message animation, and it will be on all phones with recent versions of both Android and iPhone.

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