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A pile of new details about the Amazon Lord of the Rings MMO revealed

A pile of new details about the Amazon Lord of the Rings MMO revealed

As part of the acquisition of Leyou by game giant Tencent, a number of documents related to the collaboration between Leyou and Amazon at the Lord Of The Rings MMO have been published. The document reveals some juicy new details about a project that has been kept very secret so far.

The documentation says License agreement For Tolkien’s properties, it also mentions Lord of the Rings Online. This is an existing MMO where Amazon products are launched in direct competition. The license agreement indicates that Leyou simply agrees to pay more than $ 8 million to secure a license for Middle-earth games.

The documentation says Joint development contract with AmazonThis involves a wider range of e-commerce companies, rather than specifying a game-specific Amazon Studios branch.

Fix The license agreement also includes a production schedule that shows a rough timeline for the game. However, the schedule may have changed, especially because the fix was made before the COVID-19 pandemic.

It marks January 11, 2021 as the due date for “Complete Game Tradition and Story Draft,” with playable prototypes due in June 2021. Game development is still in its infancy, and the general public should get it until the open beta in September 2022 or the open beta in January 2023.

This schedule is for PC, and both the PS4 and Xbox One launch subheadings will complete and play content within 6 months of the PC’s open beta and will be fully launched within 12 months of the beta. aims for. There is no mention of the PS5 or Xbox Series X / S.

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Not surprisingly, this game is still going on. MMO is a big undertaking, and there is no doubt that Amazon wants to boost the hype of Middle-earth-themed games on the similarly huge Lord of the Rings TV. It will be displayed in the work.

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