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A Russian company obtains construction permits for the fourth unit of a nuclear power plant in Turkey


The Board of the Turkish Nuclear Regulatory Authority agreed to grant Akkuyu Nuclear Company, a Rosatom subsidiary, a license to build the fourth unit of the Akkuyu plant, which is the first nuclear power plant in Turkey.

The license issued by the authority in favor of the Russian company allows the start of all construction, construction and installation work on the site of Unit 4, including nuclear safety facilities.

The company sent the package of documents required to obtain the license to the Turkish Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK) on May 12, 2020. The package included a copy of the Preliminary Safety Report (PSAR), a copy of the Safety Assessment probable (PSA) report and other documents confirming the safety and reliability of the fourth power unit to be built at the Akkuyu nuclear power plant site.

Akkuyu Nuclear received the license to build the fourth unit after the board of the Turkish Nuclear Regulatory Authority finished evaluating the submitted documents. The license allows to start the construction of the reactor of the fourth unit and its turbine unit.

“Obtaining the construction permit for the fourth power unit is one of the important stages in the implementation of the Akkuyu plant construction project,” said Anastasia Zotieva, General Manager of Akkuyu Nuclear. This is an important document.

“By obtaining the license to build the fourth power unit, we have completed the process of obtaining all the necessary licenses to complete the construction project of the four-unit nuclear power plant that we are building in Turkey,” he added.

And he continued: “Thus, we confirm that our project has the required level of nuclear safety and that it has undergone the necessary comprehensive-scale studies and in-depth development, and we also confirm that it is a feasible and realistic project as a unique project, in cooperation with our colleagues from the Turkish Nuclear Regulatory Authority. We are now ready for construction work including the four power units of the plant. At the beginning of next year, we will begin the works related to the laying of the foundations of the buildings of the reactor unit. “

Prior to granting Akkuyu Nuclear the construction permit for Unit 4, preparatory work was carried out at the unit site, including engineering studies and excavation work, according to the limited construction permit issued on June 30, 2021 .

Construction of the concrete base for the reactor foundation slabs and turbine units of the fourth power unit is scheduled to begin before the end of this year, and will then move on to works to strengthen the foundation.

Under the licensing process for the Akkuyu project, which provides for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey, around 120 licenses and permits must be obtained from various relevant Turkish government institutions. To date, all essential licenses and permits have been issued, including the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment Report, the electricity generation license and construction permits for the four power units, as well as the operating permit. for the eastern charging station at the Akkuyu nuclear power plant. plant.

At present, the construction site of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey is the largest nuclear power sector site in the world, where construction work is underway. The project is being executed with the participation of more than 12,000 workers and more than 1,000 construction machines and vehicles, in addition to 70 construction cranes per day. All work on the site is carried out in close cooperation with the Turkish side and under the supervision of the competent Turkish government institutions and independent inspection agencies.

Source: RT

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