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A surprising success for Pikmin Bloom, already has 2 million users


Pikmin Bloom is a strange game. It’s an augmented reality geolocation app for mobile devices only, similar to Pokémon Go, except it’s hardly a game. But since Niantic’s title launch on October 26, Bikmin bloom It has been downloaded an incredible amount of times.

Since its launch, the game has racked up a staggering number of downloads, reaching two million in the first two weeks of release. The game has all the prominence Niantic, because it uses augmented reality to superimpose digital characters in real places, using a person’s smartphone, and it consists of making the player move. occupation Bikmin bloom Players plant and harvest cute plant-like creatures, Pikmin, collecting seeds and sending them on fascinating missions.

Sensor Tower mobile app store analyst has collected data to prove this Bikmin bloom It reached 2 million downloads in just two weeks, which is surprising considering Pikmin is not a popular name and by the nature of the game itself.

Unlike other Niantic titles, such as the popular Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which recently announced the closure, Bikmin bloom Contains much less game content. While in Pokémon Go you have to fight Pokémon, throw Pokeballs, and try to catch them all, Pikmin Bloom is a fitness game that encourages players to get out there, walk more, and play with experience.

Pikmin has always been the most popular in its native Japan, where a large percentage of downloads comes from. flowers. More than 40% of downloads, in fact, with 864,000 downloads coming from Japan, while the United States and the United Kingdom rank second and third respectively.

While Pokémon Go reached 75 million downloads in its first two weeks and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was downloaded 12.4 million times at the same time as its launch, these two games use a much more popular IP and popular throughout the world. world. Bikmin bloom It is not a household name, although it is fondly remembered by GameCube fans, so its global reach is less certain.

However, according to the sensor tower, Bikmin bloom It raised around $ 473,000 in its first two weeks, which is not a bad result considering that the production budget for this game is expected to be much lower than that of Harry Potter and the more expensive Pokémon IP. However, Pikmin Bloom still has a long way to go to make the $ 15 million that Wizards Unite made in its first month and the staggering $ 300 million that Pokémon Go made.

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