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a user got the shine of all pokemon


The world of Pokemon, since his debut with the unforgettable Red and green in the far nineteen ninety six, has seen the succession of new variations of the gaming experience along with the most famous monsters in video game history.

At this point, the game genres that have Pocket Monsters as protagonists are many and among the most disparate: from the large number of titles Role playing game like the chapters of the original series, ai fighting game come Pokkén tournament; of “more relaxed” titles such as the most recent New Pokémon Snap that allows you to photograph, observe and be fascinated by the nature of the different Nintendo monsters and their way of life in their natural environment (you can read more about the new title here).

Then we have experiences that led to the Pocket Monsters from the digital world to the real world thanks to titles like Pokemon TO GO (title that this month is full of events and news, as we tell you in our dedicated article).

To this great variety of genres is also added the variety of approaches with which each game can be approached: gives lighter experiences that therefore allow even the smallest, inexperienced or simply “not very busy” players to enjoy their adventure in the world inhabited by these fantastic creatures, up to more challenging gaming experiences professional players approach, studying every move and statistic to be invincible.

It is precisely these “extreme” players that we are talking about today and in particular an avid fan and player of the series who has triumphed in one of the feats among the most difficult to achieve: captures the bright varianti (or chromatic if you prefer) of all existing Pokémon.

L’impresa di @kyudan_pokemon

As already mentioned, one player managed get the color variants of all pocket monsters and wanted to share the incredible milestone with the community of Twitter posting a short video (which you will find below) in which it shows the boxes of your account Pokémon HOME (application based on the cloud system for Nintendo Switch and compatible mobile devices that allows, by connecting the same Nintendo account to both the Nintendo Switch version of the application and the mobile device version, access the same boxes) where you will find all the spawns of your little monsters in their chromatic version.

The post, later shared by PushDustIn, went viral and opened the eyes of many players in the series who recognized the difficulty of the undertaking and congratulated the user. Among them there is also the same Junichi masuda, director and composer of the series’ titles, who shared the post again and congratulated the boy.

For those few who don’t know what they are the chromatic ones and therefore may not understand the magnitude of this feat: these versions, introduced in the original games of the series by the second generation (Gold and silver, the first chapters developed for the mythical Game-Boy Color and therefore the first ones where the different colors of the different spawns could be appreciated), have the characteristic of having different colors from the standard versions and of being incredibly rare to find. In the original games of the you are likely to come across these versions haunt 1 his 8192.

In fact, in addition to the different colors, shiny also has some different stats, but the importance of finding this alternate version has always been mainly linked to the rarity and therefore to the “collectible value” they have.

The probability of finding the Shiny version of a pocket monster has increased with the arrival of Pokémon GO.: in this title the probability of finding a glossy is increased to 1 in 128. Also, always in the game of Niantic for mobile devices, I Community day: days dedicated to a specific Pokémon each different month that comes made it extremely more common to meet and therefore consequently also they are more likely to be in the color version.

This item probably helped the user a lot in the business, even if it doesn’t make it any less epic, especially considering that not all Pokémon in the world appear in this title but only those of some generations and regions.

Basically, we congratulate @kyudan_pokemon for doing what surely all the players and fans of the series have imagined and dreamed of doing at least once in their life.

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