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Access to Bell Poles: “It is urgent that Bell return to order”, says Videotron | Business | Sun


“It is urgent that the Quebec government take the necessary measures to bring Bell back to order,” said Videotron, contacted on Friday. The company says it intends to “inform Prime Minister” Legault.

“Bell’s actions endanger the deployment of high-speed Internet in Quebec and, in the end, all Quebecers run the risk of suffering the consequences,” adds the telephone, cable and Internet company.

The Quebec government wants to speed up the connection of thousands of homes in the regions to high-speed Internet. But to achieve this, Videotron must have access to the infrastructure, to the Bell poles, for example.

However, Videotron has been complaining for months about competitor Bell’s reluctance and delays.

Quebecor’s dissatisfaction was voiced once again by President and CEO Pierre Karl Péladeau during a conference with financial analysts on Thursday.

In an open letter published last October, Quebecor president and CEO Pierre Karl Péladeau questioned whether the government should reevaluate Bell’s participation in public grid extension programs. “The question arises and the minister should consider it seriously,” he wrote, calling on the Minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon.

Sad deviation from Videotron, says Bell

When asked to comment, Bell gave a completely different side to the story. “A lot of work has been done in recent months in collaboration with the members of the Coordination Table and Hydro-Québec. Bell has clearly expressed its commitment to supporting the continued deployment of high-speed Internet in underserved communities in Quebec, and the many measures we have announced are proof of that. “

Bell suggests that Videotron had something to do with the delays in connecting the Quebec houses. The telecommunications giant sees it as a “sad attempt” at diversion by Videotron.

“To date, Videotron is the only company that has not yet signed the new agreements proposed by Bell and Hydro-Québec to facilitate access to the poles. His numerous arrests against Bell are sad attempts to divert attention from the fact that Videotron will not be able to meet its commitments and help connect the 250,000 households that still do not have high-speed Internet access in Quebec by September 2022. If Videotron worked no matter how much they complain, we would all be much more ahead, ”Bell responded.

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