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Accessories for the iPhone: Apple accidentally shows a new product | life and knowledge


…and immediately deletes it again

Typically, every product launch at Apple is meticulously planned. But this time, the marketing strategists from Cupertino, California seem to have made a mistake. This is how he discovered the American portal. 9to5mac a support document on Apple’s website that described a previously unknown product.

New power adapter for iPhone and additional devices

Apparently, the new device is a power supply that Apple has never seen before. It has two charging ports and offers up to 35 watts of power. Current iPhone power supplies only have one connection that provides a maximum of 27 watts (for iPhone Pro Max).

It is not yet clear what the new power supply should look like. There was only one letter on the Apple website.

Photo: 9to5mac

According to the description, the power supply had two USB-C ports, which also support the Power Delivery standard used to charge laptops. However, 35 watts is not enough for mobile computers. The new product is more likely to be designed to simultaneously charge an iPhone and an accessory device, such as an Apple Watch.

Apple doesn’t currently offer power supplies with more than one charging port, even if other manufacturers have sold them for some time. The support document has since been removed from Apple’s site. The group also does not comment on the rumors about the device. Therefore, it is not clear if and when it will be officially presented, how much it will cost and when it will go on sale.

In the past, the company hadn’t been able to build a device that could charge three devices wirelessly at the same time. Unlike this product called Airpower, a power supply with two USB ports should be easier to develop.

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