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Accidentally Black Ops Cold War •

Accidentally Black Ops Cold War • TECH GAMING REPORT

PlayStation 5 users may have accidentally played the PlayStation 4 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

You can get PS4 and PS5 versions by purchasing the Cross-Gen bundle or the Ultimate Edition of Treyarch and Raven’s first-person shooter.

After purchasing the game from the PlayStation Store, you can select the part of Black Ops Cold War to download. When prompted, I went directly to the PS5 version.


Here, some players are involved.[すべてダウンロード]If you click and want to be able to use all modes, you are allowed to do that. Download the PS5 and PS4 versions of the game. And after that, when you press the play button, the PS5 will appear to be the PS4 version by default.

To play the PS5 version, you need to press the three dot icon next to the play button and change the selection to the PS5 version. This will temporarily update the user interface, from which pressing play will launch the PS5 version.


There are some reports that this situation is causing additional problems for PS5 users. You can remove the PS4 version from the PS5 if you don’t want to play the PS5 (why if you have a PS5?), But it seems that a bug in the download queue is blocking people. PS4 version If is installed only on PS5, download the PS5 version. Reportedly, resetting to factory settings resolves this, but this is not an ideal situation.

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Is the release lineup of PS5 and Xbox Series X important?

The Black Ops Cold War situation suggests that the PS5 user interface may do a better job of accurately highlighting the version of the game you’re playing. This is especially true if multiple versions are available. As you can imagine, the PS5 version has a fast loading time for DualSense technical support and runs at up to 120fps. If you’re playing the PS4 version, you’re missing out on them all.