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Achievement of the Internal Security Forces in less than 24 hours


The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following communication: On 01/29-2021, a citizen complained against an unknown person who had stolen, by breakage and dislocation, of his home in the Dahour Choueifat district, During the day and during his temporary absence, he stole from the inside of the safe an amount of / 60 / thousand dollars, and a quantity of jewelry estimated at / 30 / thousand dollars.

The Information Division of the Internal Security Forces began its field and information procedures. As a result of a close follow-up, I was able, in less than 24 hours, to identify the suspect and they called him:

SUBWAY. to. SUBWAY. (Born 1969, Lebanese), and has a history of robberies.

On 01/30/2021, after a process of monitoring and surveillance, the presence of the suspect was confirmed at his place of residence in the town of Battar – Aley, where a force from the Division carried out a lightning strike that resulted in his arrest. .

The money, the amount of jewelery stolen and several hunting rifles were seized from the house.

With his interrogation, he confessed to having carried out the robbery on his own.

The stolen objects were returned to their owner, the legal requirements were applied to the detainee and the competent authority was deposited, based on the judgment of the Judicial Power.

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