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[Actualités] "Give back play time to those we keep"

[Actualités] “Give back play time to those we keep”

This is Geoffrey Dernis’s goal in the Fan Zone of the France Bleu Hérault. Now far from the race for Europe, via the championship, Michel Der Zakarian must already think about preparing for the next season in the remaining 4 games.

The turnover will be natural as Savanier is suspended, Mollet will also be against Strasbourg. This will give more playing time to a Joris Chotard who had a very interesting start to the season last year and has played less since. Obviously it is still the main unknown with the name of the new technician. But this end of the season should allow us to give back time to those of us who stayed behind. We can also ask ourselves the question about Le Tallec: will he leave or not and we trust him too? I am thinking, for example, of a defender like Vidal that we have never seen. We have to see him so he knows if they are going to lend him, if he has the level, if he stays next year. I also think these four games will give Elye Wahi more playing time, who can start. “

Indeed, the natural rotation from Congré, Souquet remains uncertain for Wednesday and MDZ will surely be turning heavily to Strasbourg to better prepare Paris.

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