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After allegations: Streamlabs removes OBS from name


OBS has made serious accusations against Streamlabs. This reacts promptly. Sources: OBS, Streamlabs / Logitech, Twitter

Streams have now become a natural part of consumption for many Internet users. Regardless of the time of day or night: Anyone calling Twitch, YouTube, or other live streaming services will always find a plethora of streamers streaming content for their communities. There are games, talks, laughter, discussions, and of course watching a lot of videos.

As a thank you for the entertainment, it regularly rains in donations, subscriptions, bits, and other forms of monetary support. In turn, special emoticons, messages that are read aloud, and other small bonuses are unlocked. But many users do not even know the technology behind it. After all, all of these processes and procedures must be implemented in some way. There are several software offerings for this.

One of the most used tools for live streaming is OBS. The “Open Broadcaster Software” is an open source code that allows you to create the interface between your presentation and your input and transmission platforms. In OBS you can create scenes, embed sources and use many other functions to make your broadcast appear the way you want, for example on Twitch.

Another service provider in this area is Streamlabs, which also offers extensions and tools for streaming. Until recently, Streamlabs had the addition “OBS” in its name. “Streamlabs OBS” should be familiar to many streaming enthusiasts. Streamlabs, which was founded in 2014 and later renamed “TwitchAlerts,” was purchased by Logitech in 2019 for $ 89 million.

Streamlabs x OBS: a fake connection

Since Streamlabs, as already mentioned, until recently had the nickname “OBS” in its own name, many streamers, users and other actors, including some companies, assumed that Streamlabs would belong to OBS or at least an official association between there would be two services. But this is by no means the case. We have known since the “original” OBS announced on Twitter yesterday, Wednesday, that Streamlabs was using the name “OBS” without consent.

The related tweet was created as part of a discussion about stolen or copied online content that is used by other actors without the consent and coordination with the actual authors. The topic was started by a browser-based live streaming solution called “Lightstream“Which is about content copied from the website he exclaimed. So not just the well-known streaming provider “The cat“And he confirmed that he was already with similar problems Had to fight, but also OBS.

OBS explains in that tweet that Streamlabs had contacted OBS shortly before the launch of Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) and asked for permission to use the OBS name for its own services. According to its own statement, OBS politely declined this request. Streamlabs used the name anyway and even registered a trademark. OBS then tried to clarify the issues directly outside the public with Streamlabs, which, however, had been uncooperative on all counts.

By the way, from a legal point of view, this is not necessarily a violation. OBS itself emphasizes that Streamlabs has observed the General Public License (GPL) guidelines in this regard, but has repeatedly violated the spirit and values ​​of open source software.

These disclosures were followed by many statements from actors, companies and broadcasters that they would no longer rely on Streamlabs services in the future and would otherwise have nothing to do with the provider.

What do you think? Can you understand the Streamlabs approach?


Can you understand the Streamlabs approach?X

Streamlabs responds promptly

Subsequently, Streamlabs reacted quickly to the allegations, and these act as an admission of guilt. Streamlabs posted the following statement on Twitter through its own account:

“We will take immediate action to remove OBS from our name.

Streamlabs OBS is based on the open source OBS platform. Streamlabs OBS is also open source and our code is publicly available.

We take responsibility for our actions and will support the community. “

Streamlabs has apparently also targeted users via email and appears to attempt to limit the damage. For example, ‘Staiy’, one of the biggest German streamers, posted the message he received from OBS via email on Twitch.

There it says:

Hello Staiy,

We are aware of your concern and are taking immediate action to remove OBS from our name. We have published an official statement here: “Link” [zum oben bereits erwähnten Post]

We are here to support you in every way possible. If you have any questions or if there is still anything we can do for you, please let me know.


Chris “

You will get an idea of ​​how many creators were not informed about the events and rather thought that there was a real cooperation between OBS and Streamlabs, if the responses in the meantime almost Tweet shared 28,000 times from @OBSProject so no.

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