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After Apple, Xiaomi and Samsung: The next mobile manufacturer falls apart


Apple has led the way and Android smartphone makers are diligently following suit, as has always been the case in the past with questionable decisions. First they mock, then they adapt to Apple. So now also with Oppo.

Oppo no longer includes power supplies with smartphones

Apple has been losing power supplies for a long time. Samsung has now dispensed with this as well. Xiaomi has also recently decidedthat some models no longer come with a power supply. Now Oppo will do the same. The problem with Oppo is that there are Using a proprietary technology that only Oppo smartphones can offer the full potential of fast charging. This is why it has been so important for Oppo and related brands like Realme, Vivo and OnePlus to include power adapters in the box. Therefore, all smartphone buyers could use the full potential of fast charging without having to pay more for it.

Noisy androidpolice Oppo wants to remove power supplies from the scope of delivery of the smartphone, since they are currently difficult to get in stores. This should give owners the opportunity to continue using their old power supply when they switch to a new Oppo smartphone.

The explanation is not really understandable. If SuperVOOC chargers are so hard to come by for customers, it’s better to make them available rather than use them as an “excuse” to stop shipping them with smartphones. Many manufacturers are already taking this step. Sustainability is often used as a justification. Of course, there is no denying that smaller packages and fewer electronic components have an impact on the climate balance. The other side of the coin is that this is also accompanied by considerable cost savings for the manufacturers, which are not normally passed on to the customer.

Oppo caused a stir with this smartphone:

Oppo Find N: Oppo’s first foldable phone

Soon no more power supplies for Vivo, OnePlus and Realme?

If Oppo is already removing power supplies from the scope of delivery of smartphones, it is reasonable to assume that OnePlus will soon follow suit, the company is now wholly owned by Oppo. Sister companies Vivo and Realme could also follow.

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