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after the Legendary Edition, will a TV series hit Amazon?

A lot of news is coming Massive effect. The remasters of the Legendary Edition of the first three games in the hit sci-fi RPG series appeared earlier this year, and fans are looking forward to a new upcoming entry to the franchise on PS5 me Xbox Series X and S. In addition to these games, it seems that also Massive effect can have your TV series.

Amazon is close to closing a deal with the publisher of Mass effect electronic arts I would see the franchise get its own series Amazon prime, Deadline reports. No other details were mentioned, although Deadline noted that, thanks to the success of Time wheel, Amazon He likes multiple science fiction and fantasy adaptations.

We will continue to invest in fantasy genres of all kinds.“The head of Amazon Studios told Deadline Jennifer salke. “We have a genre-focused team on the ground in the studios that works tirelessly with our creative partners, fans can expect great things. ” None Amazon Studios none SHE They immediately responded to a request for comment.

The lord of the rings is coming too

Mass Effect Will Complete Series Il Lord of the Rings next year, which will launch on Amazon Prime next September. The show, which completed filming in August, takes place thousands of years before the events seen in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

As for the next game of Massive effect, the wait is high but the details are scarce. It was announced ai Game prizes last year with an advance. The trailer didn’t show much and other teasers aside. released on November 7, Developer BioWare has been very secretive about what the next game entails.

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