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Afterword: Game Six Required


I found love, I found a house

No longer lost, no longer alone

I promise now, don’t call you

Accept the life I owe

*** ***

I think it was a ridiculous stick check that blocked Nikita Kucherov’s illustrious opportunity after Joel Hanley roamed the vast Collie Perry. That was the moment this game began to suggest to me that my preparation for trauma was probably a little too early.

Because if Joel Hanley can score a goal in the first game of the final and Corey Perry can double overtime in the fifth game of the final, and Justin Dowling, Nick Camaano, Joel Kibilanta, and this You can find out how to do the rest of the team Stave With removal turned off, maybe I don’t know everything about how this works.

Before the game, I was wondering if the sport could bring out this level of emotional swing from “What Can You Do!” Immediately after Game 1, ” Well, what can you do? ”After Game 4. Hockey that the team can basically kill a 5 to 5 penalty for the entire first overtime and just switch on for the second overtime, despite being incredibly smashed. Wonderfulness — I love Jason Dickinson By the way, the wooden legs you might happen to be lying on.

And hey, let’s take a moment before we dive deep into the story of the weak.

Indeed, the game is really feel Probably because it wasn’t, as the star was in control of play. But the stars have done what they did to Las Vegas, and what they have really dedicated themselves to doing everything they can since they raised their gear to Calgary: they are outside. Link to the Defense Zone, which has devoted their efforts to seizing the people of Las Vegas and gaining great opportunities.

It means confusion, fatigue, scary when caught in the zone for more than a minute, and is only considered frozen anyway if lucky clearance reaches the goalkeeper. Why should Lineman not participate in the actions modeled in Game 4? But Stars’ strategy was fully applied to this one, and they still deserved every bit of this victory while playing absolutely not to lose in the first overtime.

However, Tampa was also quite heroic. Andrei Vasilevskiy has made one or two unrealistic savings about your chances of being positive, and Victor Hedman’s sneaky expert stick check on Grianov’s supposed departure, Norris Trophy It was like the winner of was paid to do.

But the real hero of this came from contract workers. Is it because there are other words in Joe Pavelsky’s finish after Milo Heiskanen’s one-timer that can be attributed to heroism? Pavelski is one of the strongest players of all size, and his ability to find packs while maintaining balance (luckily bouncing back in front of him) is strikingly natural. was. It was pretty impressive, I assure you.

In this series, as a dynamite like Tampa, he claimed that Stars could be in that position even if Tampa’s lucky bounces only happened a couple of times. Certainly, the more packs you have, the more shots you have, and the more battles and races you win, the more bounces you get. No one has denied it. But after power play, where the Stars had to score absolutely in the third period, Joe Pavelsky fought in the right place and stepped up to win the fight when he got the chance. Did.

Hey, fighting it in 5v5 is what players wanted, right? Sure, there were about five explicit calls (some on both sides) that weren’t called, and maybe it was the authorities’ critical approach to the whole misfortune of the previous game. The line was the last on earth that no officer wanted. Calling the same call for a long time as in the game because the player’s effort level changes so much, or because there is a sense of which penalties are “acquired” and which calls reward meaningless actions. May be difficult. It’s a difficult game to track, and it’s even harder to catch everything. But when a team becomes dominant, they tend to always say, “Yes, don’t touch anything. Thank you, it’s okay.”

I know Dickinson and Andrej Sekera were messed up in this game, but both digested it because of overtime. Sekera, in particular, made a big difference after the regulatory period when the stars were forced to halby, mainly in the top four. In fact, if Jokel Hanley rushes and Sekera can’t get back into the game, could he even have Kverov do the stick check? Big blocks, big efforts, they are what players love. And while you ideally want to be a blocked team rather than a blocking team, Stars will continue to force Lightning from a low rate area and Anton Kudobin will be beaten. I continued to concentrate after that. After he turned the corner to Esa Lindell, even after he ticked late to block Palato (to be fair, he couldn’t do much in that play), we were basically Kucherov. And Parato were both protected.

It is a situation where Haiscanen needs to be aware of the danger, or Kudobin needs to put a stick in that lane. Instead, Parat fills his head and goes in front of the crease. But all about Tampa’s top line, they’re a little super good. What you have come to do is that you will have to lick the wounds, as they do. But the stars have successfully caused more problems than they tolerate, and that’s kind of the whole idea.

Nobody knows, but I’m spending a lot of time now. It is difficult to find nerves, and even more abilities for despair and joy. Watching these games turned into the same kind of experience that my uncle talked about how he had to be rescued from prison. There may be moments of joy, but your disgusting instinct pervades everything else.

So, perhaps among all, it’s probably appropriate that Collie Perry was the great hero of this hero and started and ended scoring with his wife Brakeny as seen from the rafters.

As a star fan who lived from Anaheim for 15 minutes and 12 years, I’m pretty familiar with Corey Perry’s contract. I have heard an apocrypha story about his attitude with fans at autograph sessions. I remember his good times with the stars of the 2013-14 series (and if some of his killer goals in the second half of the 2008 series) you remember that long ago). But what he did in a little space to defeat Vasilevsky for his first goal was a kind of spark needed to endure the insistence that Dallas would go home. And brilliant Perry showed a winning goal and refused to pack the puck into the goalkeeper’s pad, but instead reached, and something more. Corey Perry did what he signed, but he didn’t seem to justify Jimnil’s trust in him for most of the regular season, but at this point it’s all academic.

Corey Perry scored a winning goal in the game, and I don’t think it could have been anyone else. This series demands the obscene stuff of Dallas, and Corey Perry is great when the soul of the opposing team needs to crash.

Jamie Ben had a chance, and Alex Radurov couldn’t get through two stunning things, which was as shocking as anyone else. Even Corey Perry was convinced he had scored another Because early in the regulation, the star had a chance to say with me. Vasilevsky was probably as lucky as he had achieved in this game.

After failing to score in the final power play of the game, it will easily fail. The stars have been placed in the most unreasonably impossible positions by the league, but they are here and want to play two Stanley Cup Finals (!) Games in two nights. They all said they ended up playing almost three games in two nights. And now they have the opportunity to play 4 days (or more) in 4 days (or more).

My brother and I were talking about the closest comparison of this game. Naturally, the fifth game with New Jersey in 2000 was my idea, but he said the good thing was that after the stars fell below 3-1 more than once, they rallyed to force more games. I took it out. In fact, this game felt pretty good 2007 against Vancouver 5, When Martitaco got his first overtime result in seven trials.

The series was also punished, dirty and involved someone Swallow it with one foot.. But when Morrow finally reported that Sergei’s Boff had shot Luongo overtime, Ralph Strangis shouted to all of us who were sticking to the team at the time and to all of us who are still on this harsh roller coaster. You may remember that.

I need Game Six.

See you.

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