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Against Cyberbullying Behavior, TikTok Creates #CreateBenevolence Campaign

Against Cyberbullying Behavior, TikTok Creates #CreateBenevolence Campaign

TikTok launched the global #CreateGoodness campaign to express comfort in the cyber environment in the form of a series of animated videos. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of generating kindness on online platforms, combating cyberbullying behavior.

According to Polling Indonesia’s research in collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII) in 2019, around 49 percent of netizens claimed to have been subjected to harassment or intimidation on social media or digital platforms.

This number may continue to increase as the number of Internet users grows. In the midst of easy access to social networks or digital platforms, citizens have the privilege of being able to comment on anything, but often this can also trigger cyberbullying actions.

TikTok as an inclusive digital platform for anyone to be creative, has the responsibility and commitment to foster positive interactions with other users. In the #CreateKindness campaign, TikTok invites six animation creators from various countries to share their stories and experiences against cyberbullying.

Through a series of animated videos, these six talented creators show different perspectives on how to combat bullying, the impact of bullying, the importance of preventing bullying, and creating friendliness on digital platforms.

The following are the messages and creativity of the creators who are part of the #CiptakanKebaikan animated video series:

“Block the bullies”: @milkymicchi reveals how to deal with inappropriate Duet invites.
“Why would you do it”: @recokh Explain the anxiety about being cruel to others and how to address those feelings.
“I want to hold on to”: @kellyemmerich share how to deal with negative comments.
“Walk away”: @ammyrightmeou provides advice on how to deal with people who are intent on misinterpreting.
“The power of words”: @ rosie.gif explores the impact of a small attack on someone and invites users to think before uploading something.
“What we don’t see”: @ king.sience encourage users to treat each other with care and affection.

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The #CiptakanKebaikan animated video has been translated into 22 languages, including Indonesian. This series of videos that can be seen on the official account @tiktokofficialindonesia also conveys that TikTok wants to provide a creative home that always encourages the community to respect each other.

“Cyberbullying is behavior we must fight against. Through the global #CiptakanKebaikan campaign, TikTok invites users to create a positive environment together, where all users can feel comfortable expressing themselves, “said Angga Anugrah Putra, Head of Operations for TikTok Indonesia.

TikTok users in Indonesia can also participate in this #CiptakanKebaikan campaign. TikTok invites users to share moments or comments that can inspire and share love with other users in the form of short videos on TikTok. Check the following link To discover more.