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AI Dungeon: Text Adventure uses 8 to 16 GPUs

AI Dungeon: Text Adventure uses 8 to 16 GPUs

With “AI Dungeon”, the company Latitude has been offering a text adventure based on deep learning since 2019. Using a neural network as a foundation, players should be able to experience unique stories by interacting with the game world through a text field and making specifications. So far this is in the browser or with a smartphone possible, but next week, on July 28, AI Dungeon will also be released on Steam. Fittingly, company CEO Nick Walton recently spoke with PC Gamer about AI Dungeon.

Lots of parameters, lots of computing power

One issue was the game’s performance requirements, and this is pretty impressive, especially for a pure text adventure. Latitude offers various neural networks for AI Dungeon. The most powerful of these, marketed as “Dragon,” will require 8 to 16 high-end GPUs to run, according to Walton. However, this does not mean the RTX 3090 Ti or RX RX 6950 XT models. Instead they are for reference Significantly stronger A100 GPUs calls, which are intended for use in the data center.

“If you wanted to run the largest AI dungeon for AI, you would need not just one high-power GPU, but a group of eight or 16 massive high-power GPUs.”

“If you wanted to run the biggest AI dungeon for AI, you wouldn’t need just one high-performance GPU, you’d need a group of eight or 16 massive high-performance GPUs.”

The reason for this immense need is the large number of parameters of the Dragon model: for each update of the neural network, that is, probably for each new text input 175 billion parameters to be updated. The 8 to 16 GPUs mentioned by Walton are probably necessary so that the player does not have to wait too long. Only the story or text is generated with the model: although AI Dungeon will soon also display images, these have already been created beforehand.

Of course, if you want to try AI Dungeon yourself, you don’t need to have the right hardware. the offered free version of the game it is based on the significantly scaled-down Griffin model, running on Latitude servers. More complex models are also offered as a subscription.

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However, offline use of AI Dungeon is not possible if you want to use the current version of the game. According to the developers, the original version of the game, which is still based on an older model, can also be run without an internet connection as long as you have an Nvidia GPU. at least 12 GB of memory has. Newer AI models, on the other hand, are no longer offered because even the smallest Griffin network is said to have too high requirements.

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