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AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds Live: Comparison of Sound Quality and Noise Canceling


With excellent sound quality, excellent active noise canceling, and compact design, Apple’s AirPods Pro Sets the tone for premium wireless earphones. But Samsung may be running its rivals for that money.It has to face Apple head-on Galaxy Buds LiveIt offers similar features such as noise canceling and true wireless design at a significantly lower price. The Galaxy Buds are priced at $ 170 (currently for $ 140) and the AirPods Pro is priced at $ 249. How do you determine which earphones are best for you? As I know, it’s not as easy as choosing based solely on price.

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These wireless earphones are really the jack for all transactions, especially for iPhone users. Audio is a balance of music, podcasts and calls. However, one of those distinguishing features is that it has excellent active noise canceling. You can also pipe external sounds in transparent mode if you need to be more aware of your surroundings.

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Galaxy Buds Live is affectionately called “Galaxy Beans” because of its unique shape and sits in the ear rather than in the ear canal. Depending on the shape of your ears, you may be able to wear it comfortably for a long time. The sound quality is great if you leave the default settings, but you can also fine-tune your audio profile using the presets in the Galaxy wearable app.

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Look at this:

AirPods Pro or Galaxy Buds Live? How to choose the best …


The AirPods Pro is much better at noise canceling, but the Galaxy Buds Live sounds better.

Both of these earphones sound good. However, the Galaxy Buds Live, when left at its default settings, has a much more dynamic sound profile and punchy bass response for different music genres. The AirPods Pro’s sound is more neutral and has less bass, so it’s balanced for jumping between podcasts and music.

With Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app (iOS and Android), you can change Buds Live’s sound profile to one of six different presets, such as bass boost or soft. AirPods Pro doesn’t have a user-adjustable equalizer (unless you use EQ with Apple Music or Spotify), but it does have an adaptive equalizer that automatically changes the sound based on variables such as ear shape. Apple earphones too Spatial audio updates on iOS 14 Allows you to simulate surround sound.


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Thanks to the in-ear design, the AirPods Pro has an effective active noise canceling feature that actually blocks most unwanted noise, such as the roar of an airplane engine or the bass of a train. Having worked from home for the past few months, I haven’t yet tested how to compare the Galaxy Buds Live to a flight trip. (I used a very large bathroom fan to recreate the white noise hum.) BudsLive doesn’t create a seal on the ear like the AirPods Pro, so it captures more external noise. There are also ANCs that can be turned on or off, but they aren’t particularly effective compared to the AirPods Pro.

Both call qualities are great, but in a noisy environment, the caller said the background hum is much less noticeable when using the Galaxy Buds Live compared to the AirPods. Listen to a sample mic in the video on this page to hear what each pair sounds like. Both Galaxy Buds Live and AirPods Pro allow you to use either earphone individually for calls.

Comfort and design is love or hate it

You need to pass it to Samsung to come up with a design that is radically different from all other wireless earphones. Depending on the shape of the ear, these bean-shaped buds have no protrusions and fit snugly on the ear. Available in bronze, white and black, all you have to do is tap the touch panel to change tracks or adjust the volume.


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AirPods Pro, on the other hand, comes with three different eartip sizes that can be replaced depending on the size of the ear canal. It’s only available in white and has a stem that points out of your ear that you click to navigate the song.

My ears were incredibly small, and the smallest tip of the AirPods Pro wasn’t small enough to create an ultra-tight seal. This means that you sometimes have to push it back into your ears, like when you move around or train frequently, which is frustrating.

However, Buds Live stayed firmly in my ears during my workout and began to feel like it was slipping off my ears towards the end. However, while it fits much better than the AirPods, it wasn’t comfortable overall. About 3 hours later, my left ear hurt and I took a break.Keep in mind that the fit and comfort of any of these earphones varies from person to person-my colleague David Carnoy said: Buds Live sat well in his ears Install the larger tip.

In terms of water and sweat resistance, AirPods Pro has a higher IP rating for IPX4 than BudsLive’s IPX2. This means Buds Live can withstand sprays from below 15 degrees, but can withstand splashes from any direction. Neither pair has been tested for water quality yet, but I used both during my sweaty workout and then wiped them off. Both were fine.

Siri or Bixby?Both buds have smart features

Both of these earphones provide a hands-free experience for working with your phone, from changing tracks to reading incoming messages. As you can imagine, AirPods Pro uses Siri on the iPhone and Buds Live uses Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy phone. If you’re using AirPods Pro on your Android, you can’t call Siri or the Google Assistant from your earphones without downloading a third-party app. When you pair Buds Live with your iPhone, you can access Siri from the touch panel and use the Google Assistant on Android other than Galaxy.

You can customize the tap / press controls for each of these buds. AirPods from iOS Settings or Control Center. Live buds from the Galaxy Wearable App. However, only Buds Live allows you to press and hold the touch panel to adjust the volume. To change the volume of AirPods Pro, you need to contact Siri, reach for the phone, or turn the crown on your Apple Watch.


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Galaxy Buds Live provides the ability to switch between multiple devices signed in to the same Samsung account. The app also has a Labs section where you can switch game modes on to reduce latency. AirPods Pro supports Apple’s live-listening feature for accessibility, so your iPhone acts as a microphone and sends sound to your earphones.

If you lose your earphones, both can play the sound and find your earphones again, but only the AirPods Pro shows the last location on the map.

Galaxy Buds Live has excellent battery life

If you’re listening to music or talking on the phone for most of the day, the Galaxy Buds Live will last a long time. Samsung evaluates the battery for 6 hours with ANC on and 8 hours with ANC off. It turns out that Buds Live didn’t fully respond to that claim and lasted only 5 hours and 10 minutes with ANC turned on.

Apple will evaluate AirPods Pro for 4.5 hours with ANC on and up to 5 hours with ANC off. When I first tested the AirPods Pro in October 2019, they were brand new, but they met and sometimes exceeded Apple’s rating. However, after 10 months of use, using ANC approached a battery life of 4 hours.

In each case there is additional charging time. BudsLive totals up to 29 hours (without ANC) and AirPods up to 24 hours. To charge with a cable, use different plugs (USB-C for BudsLive, Lightning for AirPods Pro), but keep in mind that both charge wirelessly.

Is AirPods Pro or Galaxy Buds Live better for me?

As always, this really depends on how you use your earphones and the ecosystem you’re already used to (iOS or Android, Siri or Bixby). If you need active noise-cancelling earphones and want to balance music, podcasts, and calls, choose AirPods Pro. If you want to improve the sound quality and noise suppression of your calls, get Galaxy Buds Live.

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